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Overloaded Member
Hi. Haven't been doing the forum things for ages, but I have been lifting. Might even stick around this time. :D

So, realised WPI is better for me, but I already ordered this lot of WPC. All sealed, kept in a cool place, bought very recently.

Open to offers. Thanks guys.

(I'm in Hobart, btw.)

Cum Shot

Bukkake Kunce
Yeah your right wpi is a superior protein source, though i'm not sure its actually better for your health per se.

I get my wpi from BN in 5kg lots, though this time i got wpi raw usa from BulkPowders for a cheaper price than BN, got 6kg at the same price that BN charges for 5kg, only difference is its unflavoured wpi from the usa. Taste doesn't bother me cause i mix it with either dextrose(Post Workout) or Refined Powdered Oats as a meal replacement.

Was gona say i'd give you $50 for it, but not sure i want to go backwards to wpc. I used wpc for over a decade, once i hit wpi up i never went back, its like going from coke to crack, once you hit that rock you aint ever going back to regular powder you know what i'm saying.
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Overloaded Member
50 pp seems a good deal for anyone interested. I'm okay going that low. Can provide photos.