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  1. M

    FS: 5 x 1kg Bulk Nutrients WPC (Salted Caramel)

    Hi. Haven't been doing the forum things for ages, but I have been lifting. Might even stick around this time. :D So, realised WPI is better for me, but I already ordered this lot of WPC. All sealed, kept in a cool place, bought very recently. Open to offers. Thanks guys. (I'm in Hobart, btw.)
  2. S

    Fuck me Nick

    Have you guys changed the formula for your WPC Vanilla Bulk Nutrients; ? Just filled less than half of my BN shaker with water then added 50 gram of Vanilla WPC. Opened the top and the froth was over flowing. More than half of the Shaker is froth. Added my Oats ( Big Mick; ) and now theres a...
  3. B

    10% off WPI and WPC for Choc Coconut flavour only

    Just a heads up while discounted stock lasts. WPI: http://www.bulknutrients.com.au/products/whey-protein-isolate.html WPC: http://www.bulknutrients.com.au/products/whey-protein-concentrate.html
  4. W

    I bought Nitro Tech and I bought Cell Tech, do any of these have steroids?

  5. Repacked

    Choc Mint WPC

    Damn...Choc Mint flavour is no longer an option for protein, is this permanent Bulk Nutrients;?
  6. Headley

    What to buy...

    Hey guys, I need some advice on what supplement to buy/take for the AusBB 2015 competition. I really want to cut down on the BF% and have a decent cardio and weight program lined up. I have about 5 KGs worth of your WPC sitting in a bag but i want to know what else will help me in this comp
  7. B

    Naturally flavoured and sweetened WPC and WPI now live!

    Chocolate, vanilla and fruit all with natural flavours and stevia sweetened. In addition we use only natural flavours and sweeten with stevia to ensure an all natural product. We use freeze dried Australian fruit powders, cocoa and vanillan at the lowest inclusion rate to ensure our natural...

    20% Off 15 Bestsellers / WPC,WPI, BCAA's, Creatine, True PRE, True POST

    Happy New Year to everyone on Ausbb. New promo for the first 2 weeks of January, 20% off 15 of our bestselling products including WPC, WPI, BCAA, Creatine, PRE and POST. Also FREE SHIPPING for orders over $99. Fill your boots! Shop Complete Range Bestsellers | True Protein
  9. A

    Free Sample WPC Whey Protein @ The Protein Club

    Free Sample WPC Whey Protein @ The Protein Club - OzBargain
  10. A


    Has anyone tried incredibulk by PS nutrition?

    New Aussie WPC Range - Best Value - from $18.90kg - FREE SHAKER First 50 Orders

    Hi guys New AUS WPC protein range in Natural, French Vanilla and Rich Chocolate. FREE SHAKER added to to first 50 orders. Buy Whey Protein Concentrate Powder (WPC) | True Protein Enjoy!
  12. O

    bulk nutrients, choc WPC

    Hey all, Figured I'd post up my thoughts on the Bulk Nutrients Choc WPC sample i received. Im really not a supplement connoisseur so i apologise in advance if its not as descriptive or informative as some of the other reviews. Postage/customer service: First sample disappeared in the post...

    50% OFF 1st 1Kg WPC & WPI - Any Flavour

    Hi guys, haven't been posting much recently as I'm waiting to come out with something big for you guys. A couple of quick things that I'd like to mention are we are doing a flash sale of your 1st 1kg bag of any WPC or WPI which is live now. You need to follow this link...
  14. P

    Which WPC is genuinely low sugar?

    Hi First time post on here. I'm after some advice. I'm on a low carb diet and taking two protein shakes a day as meal replacements, with a balanced meal in the evenings. I've just finished 10kg of WPI/WPC blend from FitBodies Australia and without giving it much thought ordered 10kg of WPI...
  15. O

    Bulk Nutrients Review: Test Max, WPC, BCAA

    Test Max: To be up front I am a bit skeptical of this product, but I decided to purchase it with my order to see how it went. I am taking test max in the split dosage, so 6g morning and 6g at night. I take no pre workouts, unless you count 1 black coffee. I tried to drink with a full glass of...
  16. M

    Bulk Nurtrients Flavor Review WPC WPI

    Hi, due to the saga in the last thread, I've cleaned this up and made it simple. Just a personal review of all flavors for WPI and WPC from Bulk Nutrients. I will also point out that their postage times were excellent. :) Pros: - Fast postage - Professional product and excellent site that...
  17. Drifter

    Bulk Nutrients WPC Samples (Vanilla & Banana)

    Banana WPC Mixed with 250ml of A2 light milk Felt very clumpy, almost wet, in the sample pack. Unfortunately it didn't mix very well with the milk and I was left with some lumps even after vigorous shaking in a shaker with blender ball. As others have mentioned it smelt strongly like...
  18. L

    Protein Direct Iced Mocha WPC

    With the recent protein wars, I decided to try a different brand, one that sells bulk 20kg bags direct from the manufacturer. This led me to Protein Direct. I didn't really want to spend hundreds of dollars on a huge bag of whey, so I tried their Iced Mocha WPC instead. They sell in 2.5kg bags...
  19. myst

    Tested - Bulk Nutrients WPC

    I requested two more test kits to test some BN WPC, I seem to be the only one around here drinking the stuff. Choc Mint WPC - Purchased 15/04/2013 Banana WPC - Purchased 18/06/2013 Cheers.
  20. M

    Bulk Nutrients WPC samples review

    #1: Vanilla Smells like (mild) vanilla confectionary or the like. Not overwhelming. Tastes much the same, like a vanilla-ish milkshake, icecream, or other. Definitely not offensive, very smooth and easy to drink, would go with almost anything else too. Nice. #2: Banana Just for something...