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Bulk Nutrients WPC Samples (Vanilla & Banana)


New member
Banana WPC

Mixed with 250ml of A2 light milk

Felt very clumpy, almost wet, in the sample pack.

Unfortunately it didn't mix very well with the milk and I was left with some lumps even after vigorous shaking in a shaker with blender ball.

As others have mentioned it smelt strongly like banana lollies.

The taste was much more subtle than the smell lead me to believe; a nice hint of banana without tasting too artificial.

Vanilla WPC

Blended with 250ml of A2 light milk, chia seeds, banana, 2 shots of nespresso and some ice.

Felt much more fine/powder like in the sample packet.

Slight hint of vanilla smell.

The taste was awesome; it brought out the flavours of my regular smoothie so much better than the ON 100% Malt Chocolate or Double Rich Chocolate I have been using regularly.

Big Mick

"2014 - Kunce of the year"
If you read another thread somewhere BN recommends only using about half the recommended liquid if you want to taste the flavour.


New member
I liked them on Facebook, so got it that way sorry Sydking.

Mick, I'm going to try the Bioflex Biolife product next so will use the less liquid method forthat and post results. (Might use chilled water)

Bulk Nutrients

Site Advertiser
If you read another thread somewhere BN recommends only using about half the recommended liquid if you want to taste the flavour.

Although I posted under the company account, I would say it is MY recommendation (Nick) for my taste buds and not a recommendation by the company itself.

Water will very quickly dilute the taste the more you add.
For me, I like a quick splash from the water tap with a single serve where it remains pretty thick in consistency.

The key is to experiment and have it the way you want.

PS - always remember the rule for mixing protein for the best results: liquid first, THEN powder on top of the liquid.
The other way around you are likelier to see clumping.

Grateful for the review, drifter.
Thank you.


New member

BN sent me another 2 samples of WPC (Banana and Vanilla)


Both mixed in 200ml of chilled water.

Vanilla 10/10 - No clumps.

Banana 8/10 - Some clumps but overall pretty good.


Vanilla 8/10 - A little too sweet for my taste buds when mixed with water; better in a smoothie or with milk.

Banana 9/10 - Closer to a ripe banana in flavour than banana lollies.


I also use 2 heaped scoops in 250ml cold water.
1 scoop in that much water seems to watered down to me.

Personal choice.

For even more sweetness, I add 1 flat scoop of dextrose.