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  1. Shrek

    Arnold Trains son

    He’s no Arnie but has potential.
  2. Big Mick

    Cult? Religion? Ideology? Diet?

    What is veganism?? Cult? Religion? Ideology? Diet? or something else all together?
  3. Shrek

    Mark Wahlberg

    Juice or no.
  4. WoodyAllen

    Australia now has a 400kg squat....raw

  5. Sticky

    Charles poliquin dies at 57

    Ed Coan just posted about the death of Charles Poliquin. He died unexpectedly at 57, and cause of death has not been released. RIP
  6. Sticky

    GPC Showdown at Valhalla Strength

    Another awesome comp over the weekend. A number of lifters are eyeing off the $10k GPC Triple Crown, and started their mission today.
  7. Sticky

    Sim Racing

    Anyone else in here do any sim racing? I mostly only race on iRacing, but sometimes jump into PC2 for a bash around.
  8. Sticky

    A legend lost

    I’m saddened to hear that our good friend Frank Manning passed away late last night. Whilst Frank wasnt a lifter himself, he was a coach, a world accredited referee, and played a pivotal role in the growth and success of the powerlifting comps I hold. Thank you Frank for your contribution...
  9. A

    Evolution of Mr. Olympia - gallery of all poses from legendary bodybuilders

  10. Goosey

    Iconic photos

    anyone know who this is?
  11. Shrek

    Sissy Squat

    Thinking about purchasing one of these. About $170 from eBay. Any good you reckon?
  12. Goosey


    Probably not too bad but I like it.
  13. Shrek

    Swapping cardio training for weight sessions.

    Incredible transformation after ditching cardio - Fitness influencer shows incredible transformation after swapping cardio training for weight sessions. Rebecca Catherine Smith, who has more than 44k followers on the social media site, said she’d often “spend hours on cardio machines” in a...
  14. Big Mick

    Photos on this Forum

    Is it possible to upload photos or attach photos straight from my computer without using a third party hosting web site to upload photos from?? As some may or may not be aware Photobucket got greedy and wants to charge users around $500 per year to enable third party hosting, soo you may have...
  15. Pappy O'Daniels

    Cheap Chinese Barbell locking / lockjaw COLLARS

    After seeing the fancy prices local suppliers want for collars, I bought these off eBay for $10 / pair. This seems like an area where prices are wildly different depending on brand and store. Spring collars apparently lose their grip after a while, and screw collars mar the barbell sleeve...
  16. T

    What are the best brands of protein?

    I have read that nothing beats Optimum Nutrition when it comes to Whey protein. Whats so good about it? Why is it better than the others? I have tried Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard whey and found it was no different
  17. T

    Guy doing 6 plate front squat with no spotter holy cow

  18. Fadi

    Golden era bodybuildging thread, welcome!

    Golden era, classic, vintage , old school bodybuilding is what this thread is all about. If you have something to share with this "club", please don't hesitate to include it here for all to see. Thank you. I'll kick it off with the following upper body "squat" exercise, a video clip, and few...
  19. Goosey

    Pull downs

    Possibly the best ever, you got to lean forward and the angle of pull means no escape it doesn't need much weight to stimulate the back
  20. J

    Viagra or ciallis?

    Any difference between the two and where's a good place online to get? Grunta or Undercover any help?