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  1. G

    Next back machine for the home gym....

    I`m hoping very soon that the wife will give the approval for the next item in our gym. I am after something for the back. I already have a cybex lat pulldown and a hyper extension and now I am torn between the following two..... A supported row....Row Machine | Calibre Fitness Or a supported...
  2. B

    Bad back stopping workouts

    I've had a bad back for years and lately its been stopping my enthusiasm to work out. To curb this I used to take stims to rev me up but lately it has caused sleep issues so i want to stop taking them. But now i find it waaaayyy harder to get off my arse and train. I train at home and its never...
  3. B

    Micro loading dumbells

    Hi all, I've got a standard adjustable dumbell set where the smallest increase is 2.5kg per dumbell (1.25 plate a side). What I wanted to ask is do any of you do anything to allow for smaller increases in weight such as unevenly loading the dumbell or micro loading with smaller weights? Or...
  4. Rugby88

    Favourite supplement/s of all time?

    What is the best supplement/s you ever used - something/s that isnt on the market anymore and you wish you could get your hands on or something you still use everyday? Two of my all time favourite supplements - AST VP2 - still use this bad boy - great taste/great breakdown One supplement I...