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  1. Goosey

    Running long distance

    JUST SAY NO! To Endurance running. It's hard on the body and the benefits can be had doing other activities that are non impactive, and or take less time, etc. Unless you're job or specific sport demands it (e.g., mil, etc) no reason to run for distance. Other than a tiny % of the population...
  2. B

    Mountain biking XC and all mountain

    Well ive decided im going to get into mountain biking. not to much enduro stuff but as something fun exciting and ill be able to do after work during summer. still doing the moto stuff but you need a full day and a lot of travel for that where pretty much a kilometre down the road there a...
  3. M

    Strength Training and Cycling/Running (Long distance mountain biking, duathlons etc)

    I have just recently started Rippetoe's Practical Programming program. I am pretty excited about taking on something new, however I do have a lingering concern that on this program, my running and cycling will inevitably suffer. According to his program...
  4. D

    [Cycling] Want to get into Mountain Biking

    Hi All I have always wanted to get into Mountain Biking, but have never known anyone who does it, so i have never gotten into it. I have one mate who is interested in trying it out with me, but we know absolutly nothing about the sport. I cam across ausbb.com from a weightlifting perspective...
  5. J

    [Cycling] Biking to places other than work?

    Most of us here are recreation riders and some commute to work on bike. Where else do you ride ? do you ride do the shopping or other places too ?
  6. B

    non biking friends making fun

    How many other cyclists here getting made fun of because they ride? I don't use my car all that often, so friends and for that matter family are always making those smart arse little comments , annoys me a bit
  7. B

    Mountain Biking skills and Techniques

    J7dnXiNBDXE Let World Champion and Bikeskills instructor, Greg Minnaar help you become a better, safer descender on your mountain bike J7dnXiNBDXE This brief instructional video from Bike Skills will help you learn to jump your mountain bike as well as add skill and more control to all your...
  8. A

    Mountain Biking forum Renamed

    It's been on the "todo list" for awhile and finally got around to do doing it , the Mountain Biking forum has gone under a name change to just cycling covering everything to do with cycling Cycling - Ausbb - Australian BodyBuilding thanks Admin Ausbb - Australian Bodybuilding
  9. B

    [Cycling] turn signal biking jacket

    how to build a jacket with turn signals that will let people know where you're headed when you're on your bike turn signal biking jacket - Instructables - DIY, How To, craft, tech - Let It Glow! Entry
  10. L

    [Cycling] Biking and gears

    I just bought myself a mountain bike from the local bike store , its called a hybrid trek7.3 , brought it recreational use. The one thing that i don;t get is the gears front and rear , what is what , what gear should i useand what combination is best ? I just want to get on the bike and ride...
  11. J

    [Cycling] Worst biking weather condition for you?

    Worst biking weather condition for you? having just really gotten into biking , i have found that i quite like riding in the rain , a good downpour i out riding along the bike paths the other day , it was a bit overcast but i thought the rain would hold off , but how wrong was it , first a...
  12. A

    running vs biking

    when considering running vs biking for fitness is it really just a matter of personal preference or is one better than the other? i notice a lot of people run, is running better? is there a difference if you look at it from an overall fitness (including strength) point of view against just cardio?
  13. M

    [Cycling] Mountain biking technique

    Mountain biking downhill * Stand up. Standing up makes you more stable, and allows your legs to absorb the bumps, making your legs act as 'shock absorbers.' making for a smoother ride *Look ahead. Look up and ahead and plan the track ahead of you *Use your handlebars. in the case of...
  14. V

    Mountain Biking clothing

    Guide to Bike Jerseys Bike jerseys are lightweight shirts usually made from materials such as Lycra and spandex or some other form fitting material to fit snug against teh body for body wind resistance lessening the drag and also for wicking purposes ,wick material absorbs the sweat away from...
  15. A

    Prepare For Winter Biking

    Winter exercise helps in the management of your health, weight gain and those winter blues, Also the trails are less crowded and no bugs to worry about Riding in winter requires some preparation, keeping warm, dry, well hydrated and fueled. Winter Exercise Warm Up It's always a good idea...
  16. D

    [Cycling] Mountain Biking Tips for Beginners

    1) If you've never mountain biked before, you may be surprised at how much time you spend walking instead of riding. You'll walk your bike up steep grades, down steep grades, and in level places where the terrain is too rugged. Mountain bikers frequently have to deal with rocks, boulders, tree...
  17. J

    New to Mountain Biking? Here's a few tips!

    Hopefully this thread will help a new rider to get the basics right, therefore providing a solid foundation for them to build on. this will contain BIKE SETUP Bike setup is vital for any style of cycling and helps to ensure that you efficiently transfer the power from your legs into the pedals...