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  1. S

    Airline asked Powerlifter to prove she was female

    https://www.news.com.au/sport/sports-life/powerlifter-rejected-from-flying-told-to-prove-she-was-a-woman/news-story/8507104625eb4b1260c2a39dcb6fe97e Does this woman compete in womens events or is this a transgender thing? Looking at her Instagram I can see why the airline may have thought she...
  2. Stiff 2G

    The second amendment

    Are Guns just for phaggotts and cowards?
  3. spartacus

    2018 IPF equipped world champs

  4. Shrek

    Gerald Williams

  5. Darkoz

    My best friend

    Recently a member here said that his wife is his best friend, now we've all heard this before mainly in movies, television, talk shows etc. but what does this actually mean and what does it say about the bloke who says it. For me, a wife is a wife and a friend is a friend, you don't have sex...
  6. S

    Don Burke

    Some of these stories are pretty over the top. I remember growing up watching Don Burke on telly and thinking him a bit strange being a skinny little bloke doing a gardening show. Gotta like it when these female celebrities who get everything given to them got told lewd jokes (by Burke) just to...
  7. Cum Shot


    Who here has run MK677? Results? Likes? Dislikes?
  8. S

    Tony Sentmanat - Real World Tactical

    Came across this bloke on Facebook and followed his Instagram account. This bloke is a freak strength and conditioning wise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Z_RwyUF6hM
  9. Shrek

    Pacquiao v Horn

    Could Horn win?? I hope so.
  10. Goosey


    Shermworks. com This dudes been around for yonks, I don't know whether you've seen this, but if you're squattin and benchin alone its a great device and he's still selling them, nice bloke too.
  11. Shrek

    Evan's World - High calorie off season breakfast.

  12. Shrek

    2017 Body Transformation Pics only thread.

    Post pics only. Good luck.
  13. Goosey

    Dude does push-ups

    Yes, this all looks cool in a video. This bloke is totally destroying one of the most effective body weight exercises available.....by having people see this and try to mimic.
  14. A

    Josh Lenartowicz, Austrialia's top ifbb pro just qualified for the olyimpia by winnin

    Josh Lenartowicz, Austrialia's top ifbb pro just qualified for the olyimpia by winning the san marino pro ahead of William Bonac. Ferrigno legacy up next! p/-QJUyNGGSs
  15. A

    Biker lifts car left on bike path

  16. S

    Athletes dying or getting injuried more often nowadays

    Notice how Rugby League players are dying more often now. Young bloke in the Brisbane Comp died on the weekend. Seems to be a lot more common nowadays. UFC fighters are getting a lot more injured in the lead up to fights it would seem. Is it that Science has increased Athlete's Power and...
  17. Shrek

    IFBB Pro Legend - MIGHTY MIKE QUINN - Speaks!!

  18. A

    What's the most impressive thing you have seen someone do at your gym?

    What's the most impressive thing you have seen someone do at your gym?
  19. A

    21in arms of Renee Toney

    is it a bloke? is it a woman ?
  20. Jungnaut

    Why You Shouldn't Grind the Weight (srs)

    I like how this bloke advocates perfect reps every time and to avoid grinding the weight (ie training close to or at failure) because it greases improper motor patterns, trains you to stop at the sticky points, and does not help to increase your strength at all. He says train 70-80% of your...