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  1. spartacus

    Article on Justin Gatlin

  2. A

    Best Foods and Tricks for Dining Out

    What are your favorite places to get food when dining out? What are your go-to meals when eating out with friends? Have any tips/tricks to share with everyone?
  3. A

    What was your last cheat meal and how amazing was it?

    what you're last cheat meal was and how much you loved it?
  4. A

    How many people here started lifting due to Depression or a bad breakup

    just what the Title asks, and how many of you have stuck with it? And did it work?
  5. Shrek

    Juan Morel 20,000 cal cheat day video

  6. Yoloswagscope

    Are cheat reps ok?

    Here's something I'm interested in hearing from you guys. In your training, when and how do you incorporate cheat reps? Do you strictly stick to perfect form? Take cable rows for example, do you use strict form, keeping your torso steady the entire time, or do you do it more explosive and have...
  7. A

    What's your favourite cheat food?

    What foods do you cheat with when you're dieting?
  8. A

    How should one incorporate cheat meals into their diets?

    How should one incorporate cheat meals into their diets? Are some cheat meals better than others? Which ones? Which cheat meals should people try to avoid? Bonus Question: What is your favorite cheat meal?
  9. G

    Cheat meals.....

    Just wondering what sort of amounts of good people consume in a cheat meal here? I'm cutting at the mo and had my first cheat meal after two strict weeks. I had...... An angry whopper A tropical whopper A bacon double cheeseburger Large fries A donut Approximately 500g cadburies creations...
  10. A

    Can't resist cheat eats

    Everyone has that one thing they know they shouldn't be eating, but simply can't resist.
  11. OldManMuscle

    Why I'm gonna cheat in bodybuilding in 2013.

    It's 2013 and I'm now 50 years old and training like a machine designed by some freaked out mad scientist who thought Mike Mentzer was a simpleton and Tom Platz was a genius. Lycra-clad gym girls try not to look at me. Guys half my age ask me for advice all the time. I politely tell them I'm not...
  12. pumpiniron

    Cheat days,excess calories and b.m.r thoughts?

    There are 3500 calories in a pound of fat yer? So if you ate 7000 calories over maintenance level in 1 day you would gain 2 pounds of fat? This is what i thought but i dont see this to be the case,atleast not with me. I weigh 70 kilos and few days ago i had a massive cheat day, 1 jar of peanut...
  13. B

    Cheating. Is it Ever Ok?

    So I had a very interesting discussion with a massage client yesterday and have had long running discussions with friends about this topic for a very long time, I thought I'd pose the question to the forum... Is it ever ok to cheat? Have you ever cheated? Would you ever cheat? Is there any...
  14. Rugby88

    How many ppl cheat?

    Yo guys - me and a mate were talking about this the other night - he got out of a long term relationship acouple of years ago and me a few months back - we were both talking about what it would be like if we had gf's again and what we would do diff....after going through diff shit we both agreed...
  15. P

    Cheat Meals?

    Hey guys. i was just wanting to ask some questions about 'Cheat meals.' i am a big type of guy that has had a constant struggle with my weight, just to give some history, i once weighed 150kg with no muscle definition and was pretty much a fat slob. to date i have lost approx 50kg and i am...
  16. N-J-T

    'Cheat Day'

    I have heard that once every 2 weeks it is good to have a cheat day and eat like crazy and that will help you build muscle, I usually have about 2800 Calories at a ratio of about 40P/45C/15F. What would be a good amount of calories to eat on my cheat day? (noting that i usually have around 2800...
  17. D

    cheat days???

    I hear everyone talking anout taking a cheat day every 2 weeks when cutting does that apply to when ur in bulking stage?
  18. Marzz

    Favourite Cheat Meals

    Considering I lift weights twice a day Monday to Friday, cardio after the night session, and then cardio both weekend days, cycle a bit, and diet like a mad man, I really enjoy my cheat day. My cheat day has always been 2-3 hours on any day of the weekend when I can enjoy something I wouldn't...
  19. L

    Sick after cheat meal?

    So 5 weeks into a cutting diet.. have had the occasional low grade cheat meal, steak etc Yesterday thought I would reward myself with a dirty meal for the AFL grand final lunch with the boys.. Chicken Parmi/Parma, Chips and beer... Tasted amazing!! Couldnt believe I had gone 5 weeks without...
  20. TrentZor

    Cheat days/meals

    I usually have a cheat meal on fridays after dinner. Chicken kebab with the lot or harry's hotdogs (i love that chilly potato pie) Whats yours?