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  1. spartacus

    2018 Commonwealth Games Gold Coast

    anyone going to watch. if so, what sports are of interest? timetable https://results.gc2018.com/en/all-sports/daily-schedule-date=2018-04-05.htm
  2. I

    ?*COMPETITION TIME! 3 Pairs Of Shoes To Giveaway! Details inside*?

    Hello AUSBB! We hope you have had a great start to the year so far. To make 2018 even better - we'd like to announce our first giveaway for the year! Three pairs of our amazing lifting shoes are up for grabs - and entry couldn't be easier: Details For Entry on Facebook: 1. Like us on...
  3. Headley

    Excess sugar opinion.

    http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/comment/the-notsosweet-link-between-big-sugar-and-the-body-that-accredits-dietitians-20170626-gwykpi.html A little concerning if true. The not-so-sweet link between Big Sugar and the peak body for dietitians...
  4. spartacus

    is this true, turks destroying monument by Ataturk

  5. A

    Death of Navy sailor linked to bodybuilding supplements

    Toxicology tests have been ordered to determine how a member of the Australian Navy died in Oman, but it is believed his death is linked to dangerous bodybuilding supplements. The ABC understands the 22-year-old leading seaman was found unconscious in a hotel room by colleagues who tried...
  6. A

    Weekly Discussion Thread

    The place for discussion about Powerlifting/Strenght Training . Talk about your Training, nutrition, telling us your PRs, posting your progress pics or instagram, Leave a comment, and don't forget to reply to someone else's too, the whole point is discussion. Be sure to check out the thread a...
  7. A

    Weekly Discussion Thread

    The place for discussion about bodybuilding. Talk about your Training, nutrition, telling us your PRs, posting your progress pics or instagram, Leave a comment, and don't forget to reply to someone else's too, the whole point is discussion. Be sure to check out the thread a couple of times...
  8. A

    Brian Shaw Reads your Questions & Comments

    Brian Shaw Reads your Questions & Comments
  9. S

    Ausbb Complaints Department

    Lodge your complaints here. This is going to be the most prolific thread Ausbb has ever had :D Kunts oughta pay me! I'll start. I wanted to go offer Restuffage some sage advise in a thread posted a week or so back but I can't find the thread coz Shrek has been bumping threads and...
  10. Fadi

    Sit before you stand for bigger biceps

    I was just reading Andy's comment in this thread Bar Curls - Core Stability Post #17 01-09-2010 12:49 PM And it gave me an idea to write few words on the subject, since I agree with Andy re that ridiculous modern preacher bench; ridiculous because of its wrong design. With that said, here...
  11. Shrek

    "Why I started taking gear - whatever it takes - Rich Piana

  12. A

    30 Day Accountability Challenge: Signups

    This is essentially a 30 day personal accountability challenge where participants choose personal goals to work on over the 30 days, and then talk about their day (ups, downs, challenges or major victories or fails), and as a group we are there for each other to give a kind word or support as...
  13. A

    Strength wars puts 66kg calisthenics athlete matthias against 75kg powerbuilder koray

    STRENGTH WARS PUTS 66KG CALISTHENICS ATHLETE MATTHIAS AGAINST 75KG POWERBUILDER KORAY – WHO WILL WIN? Calisthenics athlete and German champion Matthias challenges Powerbuilder Koray, who represents a mix of powerlifting and bodybuilding. Strength Wars #5 is the following: Deadlift 120kg 20reps...
  14. A

    Vegan strongman up against a 105kg powerlifter

    STRENGTH WARS PUTS A 128KG VEGAN STRONGMAN UP AGAINST A 105KG POWERLIFTER – WHO DO YOU THINK WILL WIN? Strength Wars 2k15 is back with the second episode from Berlin Strength. Patrik Baboumian, a 128kg vegan Strongman goes head to head with a 105kg Powerlifter named Jiří Tkadlčík in a...
  15. A

    Ed Coan's Favorite Skwaat and Deadlift Assistance Exercises

  16. Jungnaut

    Have a look at my PPL Program. Then post a good comment.

    A change of program is needed at this in my lifting shenanigans to freshen things up in the gym. I like the PPL program because I want to reduce volume per session but increase frequency and intensity as I embark on a lean bulk over the next few months. I have done my best to achieve a 2:1 pull...
  17. steveP

    Ten Facebook Pages You Need to Stop Sharing From

    http://dawnsbrain.com/ten-facebook-pages-you-need-to-stop-sharing-from/ #10 Alex Jones Facebook fans: 856K What He Says About Himself “Documentary Filmmaker, Nationally Syndicated Radio Talkshow & Prisonplanet.tv Host – Free video/audio stream” What He Really Does Mr. Jones uses a...
  18. A

    Ausbb Best of 2014 Awards

    Most Helpful User Most Helpful/Informative Post Best Weight Loss Transformation Best Physique/Aesthetics Transformation Most Impressive Achievement Most Insightful Comment
  19. CaT_SPeW

    comment on my low bar squat bar position

    so im having trouble with low bar squat bar positioning i just dont know if i have it right. at the start the bar was slipping down my back on the heavier sets and putting heaps of pressure on my shoulders and wrists, ive started squeezing my shoulder blades together more and pushing my elbows...
  20. T

    Comment on diet please

    Hi comments on my diet pls very new at diet Pre train 50g wpi Bfast 3eggs on 2 slices brown bread Or 4 slices of brown bread with peanut butter Snack White bagel or 2 slices of White bread with low fat spread 50g wpi Chicken 120g with gravy and 80g blue potato 1 banana Then Turkey burger...