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  1. L

    need a plan

    I have had a hip replacment three years ago, i have started to go to the gym but am unsure of what I should be doing to build up the muscle around my hip. All I have been doing is upper body on machines and have not done any free weights. Just after some info on what I could do to start this...
  2. 0ni

    Thinking of training squats, dips and curls only

    I know its not respected when guys only train certain parts. But really, these are the parts that need to catch up so I was wondering your guys' thoughts on this All that seems to grow is my back and delts. Maybe if I wasn't training them the rest of my body would improve :confused:
  3. Big Mick

    Power lifting Feds

    So at a quick glance we have - Power Lifting Australia, - Australian Drug Free Power Lifting Federation - CAPO Power Lifting - Oceana Power Lifting - GPC Australia There is probably more:confused: So if one was interested in competing where the fuck would you go and which association...
  4. Shrek

    What happened to Bodybuilding?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyIQF3isJ74 http://au.iherb.com/?rcode=ZSG863
  5. Grunta

    Knee Hurting

    Hey medical kunce! Who knows what the fuk is wrong with my knee? cbf waiting at the doctors. Every time I kneel to put on a shoe (forget rooting, cant do it) the right knee gets an agonizing sharp pain right at the contact point. :mad: Thought I knelt on something like a pebble or glass but...
  6. O

    Force Monster G6

    Hi guys/girls I recently purchased the Force Monster G6 and am having problems putting it together. Any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated :confused: Cheers Ockdog
  7. V

    Training For 2.4km

    Hi everyone Hoping for some advice on 2.4km time trial for police entry test. In Feb I started training x 5 days at the gym, combination of strength work and conditioning and fat loss (I was 30kg heavier then) . In July I started running the 2.4 distance as a warm up prior to training. I would...
  8. Big Mick

    Test Boosters

    I was tossing up weather to put this in the supplement section or the diet section or the steroids section:confused: Anyway some may remember I took part in a Test Booster Trial a few years back organised by BN, then I think there was one organised by another member/sponsor (??), can't really...
  9. Nikko

    What lifting shoes do you guys & girl wear??? While lifting weights

  10. A

    Ab crack is the new body shaming trend designed to make us feel bad

    WE’VE had the thigh gap, the bikini bridge and the ridiculous A4 waist challenge, and now there’s a new body-shaming trend to make us feel bad about ourselves — the ab crack. An ab-crack is a curve that extends down the centre of the stomach and can only be achieved if you’ve spent lots of time...
  11. Fadi

    Sometimes memories ...

    Sometimes memories sneak out of my eyes and roll down my cheeks. Do yours do the same sometimes?
  12. Shrek

    Cranial Enlargement

    Do heavy GH use cause enlarged skulls? 😨😨😨
  13. Repacked

    You're doing it wrong..

  14. Big Mick

    Casio G-Shock Watches

    Young guy came into work today showing off his brand new Casio G Shock Watch that he had just bought for himself for for $500, me being a bit older was amazed at what he paid. I never realised that these watches are now a 'prestige' watch that command that sort of money, a quick check on the...
  15. A

    Self conscious

    Were you self conscious in the beginning? If so what did you do to overcome this?
  16. W

    I bought Nitro Tech and I bought Cell Tech, do any of these have steroids?

  17. A

    People who left/modified their careers to pursue personal training. How did you do it

    People who left/modified their careers to pursue personal training. How did you do it and how has it been working out for you?
  18. G

    Belt Preference?

    Hi so im new to the forum and I was thinking of buying a lifting belt but i dont know whats the difference. I was on my usual and see many options but are there really any differences or is it just the look of it? Helpp!:confused:
  19. A

    Has anyone done the Tough Mudder?

    how did you train? and what was your experience in the challenge
  20. H

    Possible Metabolic Issues

    Hi Guys, Fairly new here but I do have a question. Background I started a "10 week transformation" exactly 4 weeks ago @79.4 kg , so far i've sat on about 80kg the entire time and now dropped down to 79.5, i still seem to however be retaining a lot of the fat around my torso (this is usually...