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  1. J

    Injuries and recovery - peptides

    Is there anything that can benefit recovery / soreness or is it all just advertising bullshit? I'm on the wrong side of 40 now and really struggling with joint soreness - knees, elbows, shoulders constantly fkn hurt, insides of elbows between elbow and wrist get bullshit sore. Starting to really...
  2. A

    Steroids V Peptides

    hey all pretty new to this side of working out. im 6 foot 2 90kgs, but a slimish sorta build. Ive been looking at, and weighing up the steroids vs peptides. I can get the peptides easily and legally but very $$$ places claim to have the same effects as steroids using only peptides? Can people...
  3. G

    First Mass Gainer

    Hey guys I've been taking a WPI for a couple months, and have noticed an increase in weight and strength, but I was still a little impatient with the speed of my growth. Recently I bought myself a mass gainer. Optimum Nutrition's Serious Mass. Everyone seems to talk this stuff up but I've only...
  4. S

    Monolift versus Walkout

    Pros and Cons?
  5. Shrek

    Happy 10th Birthday Ausbb

  6. Fadi

    Can you relate?

    Listening to the words, and seeing how they were affecting Kelly's still open wound (so it seems), it took me all the way back to 1970 when at the tender age of 5, my mother left. However unlike Kelly, my story and my feelings are the exact opposite to hers. Today my mother is the number one...
  7. V

    Best lab at the moment

    Hey guys Whats one of the better labs at the moment. Kind regards val
  8. S


    What would be a good option for adding dumbells to my home gym? My wife wants to start working out and with her bad knees I think we could construct a pretty good workout for her using mostly dumbells.
  9. V

    TB 500 dosage for best results. HELP!

    Whats up guys? Just trying to figure the dosage for TB500 and my protocol. Long story short, I have purchased legit peptides from so-called "anti aging clinic" - that's what they are called here in Australia. They have legit doctor who issues you a script and their peptides get constituted with...
  10. Fadi

    Do you have a body?

    If you think this is the strangest question you've heard so far in 2016 (or ever), I ask you to think. If you answered yes of course I have a body, then what you've ended up doing is to make a separation between the I and the body. If on the other hand you've answered what do you mean do I have...
  11. Shrek

    "Why I started taking gear - whatever it takes - Rich Piana

  12. W

    What is your favorite work out quote that motivates you to keep going?

    Everyone wants to look good...Working out has never been easy. It demands loads of effort and dedication.You need that constant reminder to push/uplift you to your goals. Let's share our favorite motivational quotes about working out to encourage a buddy to keep going.:o:o
  13. I

    Introducing The All New TITAN Gym shoe!

    Hey guys, super excited to announce this one. "Titan" has been in the works for 6+ months, and we're happy to share it with you guys. What do you think? They look incredible, and are also highly functional. We've made these available early as we know they will be super popular. Click HERE to...
  14. A

    Weekly Discussion Thread # 12

    This weeks topic: Deltoid Training · What are your thoughts and guidelines on training delts? · What do you do for delts? · What do you think most people do incorrectly when training delts? · Any other questions/comments regarding the topic.
  15. I

    BFG Gym Shorts Restocked

    Hey guys/gals - the ever popular BFG gym short has now been restocked. This one is great for any day of the week, and even worn casually. Super comfortable cotton construction, really good Spring apparel! Now restocked in black and storm grey in all sizes. :) Click here to view!
  16. I

    Fresh Gym Gear Now In!

    Hey guys, some fresh gear just landed! Check it out below, some iron-family favourites are now restocked with some fresh touches to the fabrics and detailing. Hulk Fleece Hoodie - roomy fit for bigger blokes! Embroidered chest and arm with diamond embossed metal zipper. Iron Muscle Tank -...
  17. A

    pros and cons of home AND gym training

    pros and cons of home AND gym training. Want to here what you think. For example, pro of gym training is more available equipment. Con of home training is that there is no spotter. Con of home training, workouts can take longer because you need to switch dumbbells, etc (unless you have a ton...
  18. Fadi

    Cancer , friend or foe?

    I sat by myself contemplating and reflecting; why is it that everytime the word cancer is made mention of, it’s made with the utmost negativity and hostility. I ask you to give this matter a thought, a few minutes of your time, and see why is it that people always seem to be waging war on this...
  19. Goosey

    Ice Cream

    Some say this shit is bad, I reckon it's superb for getting extra cals in, for someone youg bloke wanting to beef up. The high butterfat content is contraindicated for those on a low fat diet, but ice cream does have a number of bonuses. For those who like to rationalize their indulgence...
  20. jtbsupplements

    PROs & CONs being at the gym.

    Guys post your pros and cons of having a gym membership also being at the gym, not so much the "home gym" but being in a environment with other people. What makes you angry What gives you a hype What music should they play etc... Just bitchy stuff hahahaha.