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pros and cons of home AND gym training


Administrator. Graeme
Staff member
pros and cons of home AND gym training. Want to here what you think.

For example, pro of gym training is more available equipment.

Con of home training is that there is no spotter.

Con of home training, workouts can take longer because you need to switch dumbbells, etc (unless you have a ton of equipment
Pros of home training...
-no dicks
-no morons
-no crossfitters
-no waiting for equipment
-sweat wherever you want
-choose the music
-shirt optional
-shoes optional
-pants optional
-train with your pets
-you can shit your pants while squatting or deadlifting and nobody has to know
-minimal travel time
-learn not to train to failure
-learn never to miss a rep
-learn the roll of shame if you do hit failure

-nobody to roll my forearms, tris, hammies, etc.
The only negatives:
No perving between sets.
No one to tell you that you have shit form.
Changing of DBs, I need to buy another set though
pros of gym training

heavy dumbbells / assisted pullup machine


terrible culture

terrible music

focus on non serious lifters and women

not enough plates if someone is leg pressing

have to wait to squat or bench
Can't wait to realise my dream of having my own home set up one day. Then I can grunt as loud as I want, play music as loud as I want, and do my workouts in peace, with the option to perv at my neighbours in between sets.
I was always sort of agasint the whole "home-gym" thing - i.e not being able to focus while being at home, not having access to the same amount of equip etc etc but now I am starting to look for my own home I catch myself looking to see if they have a good sized shed/outdoor area to put a shed etc haha - I think if I could put in the core equip that I use with a couple a "bro" machines - I'd love it....
I'm a bit the same.
I've got a half decent rack and enough weight to train at home but with lack of room in the current place, it's all been in storage. I've definitely trained with more focus over this time using a commercial gym but everytime I see pics of good home setups, I want one in my next place
My home gym is better than the local gym (pcyc). Only issue I have at the moment is getting the dB's up for flat press but if my last visit to the gym is anything to go by I'm not sure anyone there could help me.
Pros for me is that I can train whenever I want, play whatever music I want and don't get interrupted. I can also set up my whole workout before hand, knowing it won't get disturbed or touched by anyone.
Cons. No perv factor