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  1. J

    Aus bbq sauce?

    Anyone know any legit sources? most ppl say yeah xxx does the job but most cases they getting diff drugs to what they ordered. Corelabs au looks good and apparently aussteroids legit aswell (the BTC payments puts me off tho), wondering if anyone can share their experience with any of these...
  2. 0ni

    Thread for religious people

    No atheists allowed
  3. B

    [Article] The 20 Most Weight-Loss-Friendly Foods on The Planet

    Not all calories are created equal. Different foods go through different metabolic pathways in your body. 1. Whole Eggs 2. Leafy Greens 3. Salmon 4. Cruciferous Vegetables 5. Lean Beef and Chicken Breast 6. Boiled Potatoes 7. Tuna 8. Beans and Legumes 9. Soups 10. Cottage Cheese :(
  4. V

    I need feedback about the workout log app

    Hello here! Recently I created and published app for logging workouts in a gym (workout tracker). I created it for myself, because analogs were uncomfortable for me, but I decided to share created app with others. Just want to say that app is absolutely free and doesn't have advertising, because...
  5. Shrek

    [Article] Imperfection is just perfect

    Imperfection is just perfect: Fitness queen - Daily Telegraph https://apple.news/AOBevBp0yQvW62-UUHflrnw Fitness app guru embraces more ‘less perfect’ female images on social media AUSTRALIA’S most powerful fitness influencer Kayla Itsines says she wants to “fix” the medium that made her...
  6. A

    Shaving Chest Hair: Yes or No?

    Shaving Chest Hair: Yes or No?
  7. F

    Introducing my Fitness Instagram community

    Hello, I wanna share with you my new project. I recently created Instagram profile with username fitnesspowerx There I posting pictures of people with great bodies for inspiration for others and i also giving them chance to get more followers. Currently i have more than 550 follows and looking...
  8. Fadi

    Trump and the kingdom...

    100 years ago now, back in 1916, Dr Frankenstein created his masterpiece (so he thought), in the form of a monster. That 100 year old monster had a name, he was called Sharif Hussein bin Ali, you may recognise his legitimacy through the birth certificate under the title of the McMahon-Hussein...
  9. B

    AMP'D x - AMP Citrate / Caffeine capsules

    Sadly, all good things seem to come to an end in the world of stimulants. AMP Citrate's future is unpredictable at best so we've created a limited edition capsule so you can continue to maximise your workouts. Containing AMP Citrate and Caffeine, this is the ideal 'pick me up' to power your...
  10. A

    What's the shittiest meal you've created in the pursuit of health?

    What's the shittiest meal you've created in the pursuit of health?
  11. DKD

    Killer created fake Facebook profile

    Killer created fake Facebook profile to lure girl to bushland Killer created fake Facebook profile to lure girl to bushland A MAN who created a fake Facebook account to lure a teenage animal lover into bushland before killing her has been sentenced to at least 21 years in jail...