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  1. Shrek

    Epic, Sarms and other stuff

    Super Andarine will get through customs, won't it?
  2. A

    Australian Customs Seizes 4,000 Steroid Tablets From Thailand In Mail Centre

    SYDNEY, March 18 (Bernama) -- The Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (ACBPS) said Tuesday it seized 4,000 steroid tablets in a package that arrived in a Sydney mail centre a week ago from Thailand. ACBPS officers at the New South Wales International Mail Centre intercepted a...
  3. C


    Has anyone herd of steroids caught in customs and what happens. Has anyone used UK online stores ( no names of course ). Thai stores seem doggy Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk - now Free
  4. K

    Import guide for supplements from customs

    Hi all I'm just trying to track down what supplements/herbs can be imported into Australia, is there an online database anywhere from customs to search for it before I purchase anything from the US ? Thanks
  5. A

    Bikies going postal as Customs seizures of steroids and hormones soar Read more: htt

    OUTLAW bikies and organised crime gangs are smuggling record amounts of banned steroids and hormones into Australia. The Australian Customs and Border Protection Services is policing airport importing rings and international postal deliveries of illegal pills and liquids...
  6. pumpiniron

    Molly mcbutter cheese sprinkles? ok through aussie customs?

    Molly McButter Cheese Sprinkles 3 bottles | eBay Mate over in america, has this non stop on his egg whites and shit....... he reckons it is the fuckin bomb..... This may me a stupid question cause i am very unaware of aussie customs and so on..... but would they let this in?. Thanx If so im...
  7. R

    will roxy lean go through customs?

    hey guys im currently looking to buying a fatburner and have heard good reviews on roxylean and thinking of getting it i was wondering if this would go through customs if i buy it 2 x BPI Roxylean 60 Caps Focus & Fat Loss +Tribulus | eBay if you have a better place to buy it or got another...
  8. G

    ORAC Energy Greens from iHerb Seized by Customs

    Just letting you all know that if you order ORAC Energy Greens from iHerb it will be seized by customs. Just had a letter handed to me stating my package from iHerb will be destroyed or I can pay ($42.50) to have it returned to sender. The reason stated is that it contains Reishi...
  9. D

    Aussie customs

    Hey guys, I'm considering ordering some supplements from bb.com, however I'm not sure whether the products will get past customs ... The products I have in mind are: 1. Neogenix Bodyforge 2. Nutrabolics AminoCell From anyone's knowledge/past experiences with these products, do you think I...