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  1. 0ni


  2. DKD

    What kind of man are you?

    What kind of man are you? Does a booty-licious babe tickle your fantasy? Is a woman with a great Most Juggular pose more your thing? Or do you go for women with legs up to their armpits? (yes please, that's me!) Is there such a thing as a 'face-man'? Who knows, I threw it in there anyway...
  3. Sticky

    Steroids - FAQ, and a thread for the n00bs.

  4. P

    Check out my snatch

    Z0bcvtL_q80 Here's me doing 2 reps @ 40kg. This is about 90% of my 1RM I'd love to hear what ya'll got to say. Sure i know i have a long way to go till i'm moving some serious weight. As the old tennant goes, it's not where you start, it's where you end....right ?
  5. N

    Can you build muscle over 40 years of age?

    Need anyones help,i am 44 years old and been going to the gym for about two years now with no good result to speak about.Train about 3-4 times a week but still no results its getting depressing.Can anyone help with what i should be doing and also any thing that i can take?i am 105kgs and about...
  6. R

    What is your take on these supps?

    Quick questions: Whats the difference between taking all aminos and just BCAAs? Has anyone ever tried Tribustol? Do any of you guys know a cheap alternative to Lipo 6? Tried it, loved it, but its far too expensive.
  7. V

    Is this true

    is it true if i want to gain more muscle that i have to bulk up? then after bulking up , do i just start eating better and work out the same amount ?
  8. M

    What is your motivation?

    What do people do to keep themselves motivated? I find myself lacking sometimes , just wondering what keeps you girls going , my boyfriend is all about using music to get pumped. Any other ideas I can use?
  9. R

    Quick question about squats

    When doing squats (dumbbell, barbell), are you supposed to keep your feet flat on the floor? The reason I ask is, a friend was showing me his workout, and when I tried to do some squats, I noticed my feet aren't flat on the ground, but rather, they arch up so the balls of my feet are the only...