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What kind of man are you?

  • I'm an ass man

    Votes: 15 31.3%
  • I'm a tits man

    Votes: 13 27.1%
  • I'm a legs man

    Votes: 5 10.4%
  • I'm a face man

    Votes: 8 16.7%
  • Other

    Votes: 7 14.6%

  • Total voters


Private Dancer
What kind of man are you?

Does a booty-licious babe tickle your fantasy?

Is a woman with a great Most Juggular pose more your thing?

Or do you go for women with legs up to their armpits? (yes please, that's me!)

Is there such a thing as a 'face-man'? Who knows, I threw it in there anyway. She's gotta at least not be a fugly.

Or is there an 'other'?


Fucked up Kunce
Something that looks like this is ok with me,



Private Dancer
My lord, that would be a SENSATIONAL night's fun right there! Top work Shrek!!


Fucked up Kunce
Your poll should include combination of the above.

I'm a selfish prick and like all of the above..

Not much point in having a sensational set of juggs if your legs are like tubes.


Fucked up Kunce
While your knocking the top off it here is some music.



Registered Rustler
Is that a Rolex she's wearing?
I have a habit of only going out with crazy chicks lol. Had 3 major relationships, first one is probably the only girl I've ever loved, she had some sort of self-confidence issues and manic depressive disorders, equally crazy in bed. 2nd one was pretty hot, ossum tits but fuck she was fucking stupid. She used to flirt with other men a lot but had some sort of attachment problem with me and hated me watching porn, fapping, talking to other women etc. One night I didn't want her over my house and she came round banging on all the doors and shit, I let her in and she grabbing knives and came at me, I took them off her and she was crying and completely manic - grabbed a cactus and tried to hit me with it ended up having to call the police and a paramedic to get all the spines out her hands jesus fuck
Last girl I started dating found out she was pregnant like the day after, I like to think that I'm a fairly easy going guy so I was just like "whatever". Big mistake lol. She tried to convince me that it was mine, was passionate to the point it was annoying when we were alone and ignored me when in public with her mates, people didn't even know we were dating apparently lol. She ended up ditching me by facebook message (which she sent while we were out together, told me to check my facebook when I got in lol). She got pissed at me because I ate cannabis while in the bar which is fucking strange. We both smoke weed, but somehow eating it is totally wrong. Her best mate told her off for getting rid of me and she had some sort of crisis and cut her hair off with a pair of scissors and attacked someone in KFC

I think I'll settle for a normal girl next time, even if she's skinnyfat and average looking, I don't give a fuck