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  1. B

    legit sarms websites?

    looking for legit sarms websites australia
  2. I

    serious gym training

    Are you looking for gym training with new branded equipment?
  3. A

    Are these meal prep compaines worth it?

    Hey AUSBB, Has anyone dealt with any of these meal companies. Currently looking at Muscle meals direct. Is it worth it? Are the meals any good?
  4. S

    Australian made Supplements?

    Anyone know of good Australian made supplements? Obviously there are the big ones like Bulk Nutrients etc. Who are the smaller independents making great products?
  5. J

    Is there an alternative to Iron Edge in Melbourne?

    I am after bumper plates with a reasonable weight tolerance (and not so fat you can only fit four of them on the bar) I know that there are places like gym direct which have sets for $500-$700, but you have to order online. The only thing closely similar on Iron Edge is almost $2k. Are there...
  6. A

    Weakpoint Monday: Arms

    What do you do to bring up those arms. What do you do to add mass/definition to your arms? Volume? Intensity? Drop sets?
  7. A

    Gym Direct 15% Discount Starting Today!

    http://WWW.GYMDIRECT.COM.AU To celebrate the launch of our NEW website we are offering 15% discount for everyone until the 30th of April (2 weeks). In the shopping cart enter the Promo Code: GD15 & the 15% discount will be automatically deducted from your order. The 15% discount is not in...
  8. A

    Hello! From Aimee @ Gym Direct

    Hi there everyone, My name is Aimee and I love everything to do with fitness! My favourite workouts/sports are lifting weights, running & snowboarding. I am a new employee to Gym Direct in Sydney so if anyone needs anything please contact me directly at aimee@gymdirect.com.au and I will do my...
  9. A

    Gym Direct 10% Discount!

    Hi Everyone, To receive the 10% discount on Gym Direct products, simply let us know you're a ausbb.com member when ordering. There is no discount code required. Please send your order to sales@gymdirect.com.au. Please note - No further discount is available for package deal prices (as a...
  10. L

    Protein Direct Iced Mocha WPC

    With the recent protein wars, I decided to try a different brand, one that sells bulk 20kg bags direct from the manufacturer. This led me to Protein Direct. I didn't really want to spend hundreds of dollars on a huge bag of whey, so I tried their Iced Mocha WPC instead. They sell in 2.5kg bags...
  11. iamwilso

    Gym direct half rack combo

    Just wanting a little advice on this half rack combo deal I came across on fleabay. Anyone got one? used one? Got any opinions? Cheers http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=110841049341 Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
  12. M

    Muscle Meals Direct

    Hey guys, anyone have any experience with Muscle Meals Direct Home page Muscle Meals Direct friend told me about it yesterday was just seeing if anyone has dealt with these guys before!?
  13. A

    gym direct cable crossover

    Does anyone know if this is quality or just complete shit? I like the look of this one: Body Solid Powerline Cable Crossover Machine I would prefer something where I can put the weights on myself instead of having to use the pin loaded ones.
  14. M

    Gym Direct

    Tax back time is soon here, looking at setting up a home gym. problem is i like nice things. I saw this package on gym direct SM2_Package Deal Commercial Power rack (7 gauge) + Flat Incline Bench + Olympic bar + 155kg weights Was going to get the upgraded bumper plates and thrust bar. Anyone...
  15. F

    Setting up gym - opinions on this Gym Direct gear

    Hi guys, I'm looking at getting the below gear from Gym Direct to set up a home gym. What are your thoughts on quality, value for money etc? I am waiting on a quote from The Hulk but I assume there will be a discount or package price he may be able to do on this so the overall price should come...
  16. DKD

    How much direct triceps work do you do?

    Inspired by the related biceps thread, i thought I'd ask how often, and what type, of triceps work you do. I've recently gone off skullcrushers.....did them for ages, but started to get a bit worried about elbow health from what i read and what i was feeling during workouts. I can't do bench or...
  17. F

    how much direct biceps work do you do

    how many direct biceps work do you do? and how often?
  18. pumpedup86

    Gym Direct contact

    Hey Guys, Wanting to buy my new home setup from Gym Direct who is the contact on this site to speak too??
  19. M

    Little Bloke vs Gym vs Iron Edge Direct Plates

    Hi, I'm looking to buy around 200kg of weight, not bumpers, just normal plates, and I was wondering which plates you guys think I should go with in terms of quality, price etc. Little Bloke 197kg Olympic barbell package | Little Bloke Fitness Gym Direct 215kg Olympic Barbell Set_ Hammer...
  20. M

    Gym Direct Safety Squat Rack

    I recently bought a simple flat bench with the plan to use it with my squat rack to bench press from. Turns out that my existing squat rack is too narrow to bench from - either i hit my elbows or it's impossible to unrack the bar because it's too awkward. So i was going to throw it on ebay and...