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  1. R

    Noob needs a power cage

    Hello All After a 20 year break, I recently started lifting again, following SL 5x5, using my uncles old bench press 'machine'. But 60kg is the max that i feel confident snatching up and over my head to start my squats. So its time for a Cage. I really want a power cage so that my son can also...
  2. A

    Status of N-CarbamylGlutamate

    What is the legal status of this nutrient in Australia and New Zealand? This chemical behaves like an analog of N-AcetylGlutamine and should be treated like any nutritional supplement. Unfortunately, in some countries it is regulated. Are there any legitimate suppliers for this as a bulk...
  3. Pappy O'Daniels

    Cheap Chinese Barbell locking / lockjaw COLLARS

    After seeing the fancy prices local suppliers want for collars, I bought these off eBay for $10 / pair. This seems like an area where prices are wildly different depending on brand and store. Spring collars apparently lose their grip after a while, and screw collars mar the barbell sleeve...
  4. Pappy O'Daniels

    Older guy starting home gym, advice wanted

    Hi peeps, I am approaching 60 and need to do weights for health reasons (plus I read that it's very good for older men). I used to be quite active when a teenager with bodybuilding, using Reg Park's routines (I'm from South Africa), so I know more or less what I am doing with the various...
  5. steveP

    Supplement flash sales/bargains

    I've kind of been randomly posting in other supplement threads when I find a sale as there's no proper thread. So this is it. This will be for any flash sales, bargains, eBay deals, limited stock, short shelf life or just clearance sups you see in person. Post a link, describe what the sale...
  6. Shrek

    Look at this on eBay - Too cheap??

    Skim milk powder or maltodextrin perhaps? Its cheap for WPI. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/181928901694
  7. B

    Samson Gym Equipment

    GDay As the title suggests Im Interested in buying some locally made gym equipment , Not being in a position to buy new at the moment as im looking at a kind of Re Hab type of training then to something more. Hopefully . I have managed through ebay and gumtree to find some old samson stuff and...
  8. A

    Steroid users, any regrets? Non-users, what would sway you?

    Steroid users, any regrets? Non-users, what would sway you? remember Ausbb does have an Anonymous posting feature
  9. Shrek

    Chains and Bands

    Who uses them? Why? How have they benefited your training?
  10. Neddysmith

    Recommend me an mp3 player

    OK so I have ipod nano 6th gen and the on/off button and volume buttons have packed it in. I am looking at getting this fixed and cost is about $60, What other options are out there, I am after something small just for the gym and stuff, so don't really want to use my phone as it is a little...
  11. Jungnaut

    If you download, you get busted?

    As the title says, if I take uncle torrence out for lunch and come back with some movies and shit, would I get busted now? :confused: I have no idea what this new rule is about so please enlighten me, and why does it only apply to Aussie net users and not if you are overseas? That sounds like...
  12. bedbod

    eBay Bumpers

    I am in the market for some plates to supplement my curry oly plates, and these popped up on eBay. How povo do you guys think that these are? Will they explode when I drop them?
  13. O

    WPI from EBay??

    Just wondering if anyone can comment on the No Bull brand of 100% WPI they sell on Ebay. It is way cheaper than Horleys, Evolve etc so I just want to make sure it's ok or are there differences in quality of protein which would see this as inferior?
  14. F

    PT Health and nutrition Protein- eBay

    Anyone know them? 4kg Pure Whey Protein Concentrate Powder - WPC | eBay Seems like a good deal, but not sure about the quality, some of the cheapest I have seen. 4kg- $74 5kg- $90 both include postage Any thoughts?
  15. F

    Protein and Amino's and ebay protein

    Whats the difference between a whey protein and an amino acid product such as xtend. Do they achieve the same results or do different things? Also has anyone heard of PT health and nutrition...4kg of wpc $74 bucks on ebay, any good? Any better options? Thanks
  16. G

    Where has all the Micellar Casein gone from eBay

    Don't know if anyone else has noticed but there is now only one supplier on eBay selling Micellar Casein. I have been having a look for the last couple of weeks and only Professional Whey is selling it on there and not cheap either. Is there a shortage at the moment that someone might know...
  17. J

    jack3d on ebay

    Gday.. I love taking jack3d from time to time and i have been getting it from an Australian website which has great service however ive have noticed of late that Australian ebay sellers are selling it for $60 less than my other Aus supplier and they also have a great range of flavors. My...
  18. B

    Buying from Ebay

    This is my first post on here, so here goes... Ive been working out properly for about 5 months (good diet + proper training routine) and have recently decided to buy a protein powder. I have been researching the subject, and have decided to buy online, I have about $60-$80 to spend. I don't...
  19. E

    Ebay listings

    Thought it would be a good idea to start an ebay thread so if you see anything that may be of interest to others post up the link. Ill start with this power rack in Wollongong NSW Squat rack/ Power cage - eBay Other Strength Training, Strength Training, Exercise, Fitness, Sport. (end time...
  20. J

    Creatine powder @ ebay

    Creatine Energy Muscle Gain Nutrition 1kg Pure Powder - eBay Supplements, Accessories, Exercise, Fitness, Sport. (end time 18-Jan-09 12:55:24 AEDST) thoughts? im on the lookout for a reasonable cheap creatine powder - this item looks good but on the other hand it looks poorly presented...