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Hello All

After a 20 year break, I recently started lifting again, following SL 5x5, using my uncles old bench press 'machine'. But 60kg is the max that i feel confident snatching up and over my head to start my squats. So its time for a Cage. I really want a power cage so that my son can also train with a little safety. Need weights as well, as I cannot get more than ~90kg on my existing 'standard' bar.

Spent a few weeks checking online (gumtree and ebay), and have not seen much second hand in my area (Chatswood / Sydney) - I was after a cage with a lat tower for a little more versatility. (cannot post links)

I have seen the Megatec package for $2100 from Sams Fitness- is it worth the difference compared to the gymdirect or cyberfit packages for about 1450 ish - all have lat tower, bench and 140ish in weights.

At the other end of the scale, I have seen a silver cage only for about $450 on ebay,
And on gumtree there is a 'NEW POWER SQUAT RACK STAND CAGE LAT PULLDOWN GYM' from seller PAUL for $250
Are these two rubbish?

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Hard to tell if it’s rubbish without more details and pics.
A cage with cable attachment should suffice.
Yeah I think so too.

Just as a side note, generally speaking you get a pretty cheap barbell in package deals, so just make sure you're comparing apples with apples. Personally I'd probably buy a bar seperate
Thanks for the suggestions guys

Flex equipment cage looks good - can you suggest me a bench? Unsure if I should be getting a simple flat bench, or incline/decline?

Question is, where can I find the 10% discount code?

thanks again
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Incline/decline for sure.

The code should be Ausbb10 but it doesn't always work when putting it in the cart.

PM JayZ or DazRob and see what they can do.
Thanks for all the suggestions guys

I just ordered the MM PR1002 rack from gymdirect (one of our site sponsors) just have to wait for delivery! After remeasuring a few times, it was evident that I didn't really have the space for the lat attachment. Will just have to perform negative pull up / dips.

Also picked up a cheap flat bench from ebay - was going to go with an adjustable, but the flat ones all seem to be lower, which is important for my still growing kids who will also be working out.

Yesterday I got lucky and picked up a new bumper set with 1500lb bar for <$500 off gumtree.

Once my new toys arrive, I am set!