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  1. R

    Lifting after VSG (Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy)

    Yep, lets get it out of the way first - I'm a fat bastard, I hate it, and I've been trying to change that for years with varying degrees of success, but in 18 days I'm under the knife for a VSG alongside my wife, who is having a similar procedure done the same day. Full disclosure, I'm working...
  2. N

    Thoughts on 5x5 training

    Hi, I'm 40 year old male recently getting into strength training, I don't want to get massive, I just want to get some more muscle mass, fix my poor posture and basically just get fitter and stronger so I can do sports for longer and better I generally don't like gyms or gym workouts but..... I...
  3. D

    Stronglifts 5x5: how to track progression?

    I've been doing it for 6 months... I can pump out: Squat: 100kg 5 x 5 Bench press: 100kg 5 x 5 Barbell row: 75kg 5 x 5 Overhead press: 50kg 5 x 5 Deadlift: 90kg 5 x 5 My stats are: - 195 cm tall - 140 kg - 29% body fat I have found that deadlift and barbell row are the hardest because my back...
  4. D

    5x5 SL progress & recovery issues.

    Hi anyone on SL 5X5, My first program and I was complaining for 8 weeks the weights were too low. Now its getting too hard at a rapid rate. I have nothing left if I want to try a max lift so I feel I have ended up weaker cos I haven't lifted my heaviest weights in months. Every session starts...
  5. R

    Noob needs a power cage

    Hello All After a 20 year break, I recently started lifting again, following SL 5x5, using my uncles old bench press 'machine'. But 60kg is the max that i feel confident snatching up and over my head to start my squats. So its time for a Cage. I really want a power cage so that my son can also...
  6. P

    New diet??

    Morning all, Looking for a bit of advice mainly on how much I should eat. Brief background, I have lost a 18kg of weight over 12 months and have kept it off for 6 months by training for triathlons, so lots and lots of cardio, now I am wanting to get a bit of size to me. I am 173cm and 70.3kg...
  7. R

    Routine Critique Please!

    M 181cm 83kg Hey, I have been doing a basic PPL for a couple of months inconsistently but now as my schedule is tighter the time is too much. My new routine is based on Stronglifts 5x5 with added accessories. Goal is a balance of strength and aesthetics. Also on a slow bulk. Current 1RMs...
  8. A

    Buggered elbow

    So, seems I've buggered the elbow/tricep from low bar squats, think i was gripping the bar too hard lol. I've read as much of the previous posts as I can, and am now taking a week or 2 off, with lots of foam rolling, strengthening exercises. I'm wondering if it's primarily to do with...
  9. A

    People who left/modified their careers to pursue personal training. How did you do it

    People who left/modified their careers to pursue personal training. How did you do it and how has it been working out for you?
  10. White_Lie

    Opinions on a new training program.

    I'm looking to start a new program thru the winter with the main aim being to bulk with some strength gains. I've just come off a 'bro split' chest & tri's, back & bi's, legs & shoulders and made some good progress, getting the strongest I've been but due to my holiday/forced deload, I quickly...
  11. A

    Ausbb roundtable - Texas Method and Bill Starr's Madcow 5x5

    The Texas Method and Bill Starr's Madcow 5x5 These programs are both intermediate programs and have similar concept Have you been successfully or unsuccessfully with these programs? What are your favorite resources, spreadsheets, calculators? What tweaks for these programs? Do you...
  12. P

    improving squats and deads 5x5 hitting wall

    Hey all, new to the forum but have been on and off weight training for several years. I've been consistently at it about 8 months now and have hit a very low wall on squats and dead lifts.. I've been doing 5*5 with dead/press one day, squat and bench the other. Usually twice each workout each...
  13. J

    the 5x5 strength type programs

    i've been out of the game for a while, looking to get back into it. wondering if the old strength programs are still considered a viable source, or is there some new method? looking to get strength back asap! stronglft 5x5 looks ok, but there was one i did a few years ago, was a little...
  14. J

    Struggling with conventional deadlifts and thinking of switching to sumo. NEED ADVICE

    I've been running the Stronglifts 5x5 > 3x5 program for quite some time now and I've gotten a lot stronger across all lifts, aside one. I've been trying for about 8 months to get the conventional deadlift form right - I've read every article under the sun, watched Medhi deadlift 450lbs about a...
  15. DKD

    Who's had good results with higher reps?

    I'm interested to hear stories from anyone who feels they've made good physique improvements on any particular body parts, using a higher rep range......say anywhere between 12-20 or beyond. I clearly recall Fadi saying once that he made the best gains on his back when he did higher reps for...
  16. jj80

    5x5 questions

    For the bench.... What percent of your 1rm can you 5x5? What break do you take between 5x5 sets? What are the pros and cons of these basic rep schemes?- - 5x5, choosing a weight where you can do 5x5 - 3 sets of as many as possible at some fairly high % of 1rm, e.g. 80%
  17. B


    hi was of changing my routine to the 5x5 stronglifts one is it any good anyone tryed it cheers
  18. J

    THE ORIGINAL Bill Starr 5x5 training program

    There are many variations of 5x5 training.All are good because the basic principals are sound and what built strength and muscle in the past will still build strength and muscle. Here is the original, as it was first written No tweaks are needed. It works just as it is. Monday – Heavy...
  19. R

    5x5 VS 6x6 Bench Press Routine?

    Hello folks,:) I been wondering for a while now if I am doing this right.Namely this is the routine I have been using for several months now and I had good gains. Pick a weight u think u can do 7 reps with on absolute failure.Then do 5 sets with that weight,push 5 reps each set,no more no...
  20. H

    5x5 Program

    Gday guys, I have started a 5x5 program (below) almost 4 weeks ago, and i am seeing some decent strength gains (I haven’t missed a lift yet) My goals are to gain muscle size and strength, while keeping body fat sensible, now i am confused because i have been led to believe that strength gains...