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Yep, lets get it out of the way first - I'm a fat bastard, I hate it, and I've been trying to change that for years with varying degrees of success, but in 18 days I'm under the knife for a VSG alongside my wife, who is having a similar procedure done the same day. Full disclosure, I'm working with a Nutritionist and Psychologist alongside the Surgeon and his team, to ensure the best results possible.

I'll get full clearance from the team I'm working with prior to beginning any exercise routine, but it's been stressed to me several times that after the appropriate healing time (say 3 months or so), exercise and weightlifting are highly recommended for increasing loss and maintaining muscle mass, before transitioning into some muscle growth after the weight is lost (6-12 months).

My experience with lifting is limited, having only really done 5x5 or 5/3/1 before and the longest I successfully followed either program was 6 months using a rack at home. There's a really great weightlifting gym where I live that I'd like to start training at as soon as I'm cleared for it, but my question revolves around how exactly I achieve the best results while being in a significant calorie deficit for an extended period of time.

Do I pick a program/routine - start light (obviously), and just work until failure, deload and repeat? Or is there a better approach to this that I'm not aware of? My current stats are short and fat, 177cm and 128kg.

Thanks in advance.
"how exactly I achieve the best results while being in a significant calorie deficit for an extended period of time. "

A significant calorie deficit is always going to be hard and generally not advised. But if it's the only option, keep your Protein as high as possible and don't pile on the volume in training I'd say.

But you're pushing the barrow uphill. Just ask [MENTION=20214]bannedgerry[/MENTION] how starvation diets work out.
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Stiffy is right about the protein intake, rely on that to feed you.
At your weight you may also have cardiovascular issues. So include plenty of walking.
I have it, my doctor didn’t like the cholesterol levels or blood pressure readings at all, so had to revise what I eat and include cardio (which I hate), mine is not due to weight, it’s due to 2.5 decades of living like every day is my last, but results are the same.
Im not going to get into the whole diet thing, think you have plenty of guidance on that.

As far as training goes, here is some very simple advice.
Buy the Arnold Schwarzenegger New Encyclopaedia of Modern Body Building.
It is an old school good read book that imo delivers the best results. It’s interesting to read, spells out the program and easy to follow.
I think it’s the best of the choices you have.
kunce here will tell you, “no, no, no Bro. You godda Do full body, push pull, have to squat 7 times a week” and other shit like that.
Reality is, if you have time, check pics here of kunce who do that, On a good day these kunce look like tennis players.
Then check for kunce who do the good old school split routines, they look like body builders.
thats all, best of luck with your op.
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