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  1. Stiff 2G

    Misc News Thread

    It's time.
  2. N

    Posts with links?

    Hi, How many posts do I have to do before I can post a link? The main reason I joined this forum is to ask advice regarding 2 half racks in considering buying but I can't cos I can't post the links to them Cheers
  3. R

    Noob needs a power cage

    Hello All After a 20 year break, I recently started lifting again, following SL 5x5, using my uncles old bench press 'machine'. But 60kg is the max that i feel confident snatching up and over my head to start my squats. So its time for a Cage. I really want a power cage so that my son can also...
  4. G

    Power rack comparison

    I have been reading some of the reviews with interest as I am trying to work out what I need to get for a garage gym. I currently have a powertec leverage system which I will be selling. What I have at the moment is Force USA Ranger barbell Olympic dumbbells 300kg of Olympic weights force...
  5. O

    Shred FX Zero vs OxyShred

    Hi there, newbie to the aussbb forums. Looking for a bit of advice on the Shred FX Zero by Genetix Nutrition vs OxyShred by EHP (not allowed to post links to product) I have previously tried OxyShred twice, first tub was pretty effective, had me sweating in the gym and definitely made me a lot...
  6. Pappy O'Daniels

    How long before newbies can post links and images?

    Kinda irritating that I am trying to discuss something but cannot do either. :mad: Your error message says "a few" posts are required before permission is granted ... well I'm on 14 and still cannot.
  7. Australia

    I don't use steroids- Can anyone explain this video please? Thanks

    I can't post video links. But I am not a spambot lol, just a new user. The video by rich piana titled- BOSTON LOYD - MUST SEE - HILARIOUS - YOU STARTED THIS - WHY - I KNOW WHY at around 12:00 minutes he talks about the amount of suspension Bostin uses. Is that a lot? How much do people on gear...
  8. Fadi

    Understanding protein’s behaviour in order to maximise on its anabolic response

    Big R had asked me the following question: That prompted me to write few words about it in my reply to the gentleman. Some habits are hard to break, and that’s understandable.However with bit more knowledge on a particular subject, one may find a change in habit much easier and more...
  9. Shrek

    Ex-WADA boss says Maria Sharapova was ‘reckless beyond description

    Maria Sharapova: 'I failed a drug test' A LEADING anti-doping authority claims Maria Sharapova was “reckless beyond description” amid revelations the Russian was warned five times in December to stop using Meldonium. Sharapova was contacted on three occasions by the International Tennis...
  10. A

    WADA and China sign agreement to eliminate illegal manufacture and supply of PEDs

    WADA and China sign agreement to eliminate illegal manufacture and supply of PEDs The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the General Administration of Sport of China (GASC) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that will help track and eliminate the illegal manufacture and supply of...
  11. A

    Random Post

    Ausbb - Australian Bodybuilding forum, has been around for quite some time , as a result we have several hundreds of thousands posts to step back in history , i have added a little feature to take you to a random post in the nvaigation menu, click "quick links" in the drop down you will see...
  12. A

    Some links might've changed

    I was using an addon for vbulletin called vbseo, which made the links user friendly , after some trouble shooting it seems that this addon was creating problems , so i have decided to get rid of it and see how things go as a result some links on the site might've changed
  13. pistachio

    women strength training links

    has anyone got any links which prove that weight training does NOT make a chick muscular? I've found a few over the years, but NFI where they are now. looking for a few that show the kind of physique that proper strength training does for a women (as opposed to say running or general cardio...
  14. A


    'Necrobumping', for those who aren't aware, is the art of resurrecting threads that have slipped off the front page of their forum and into the catacombs of pages 2-10, usually never to be seen again by all but the bravest of forum adventurers in their search for a missing post or to find a...
  15. Goosey

    Bill Starr articles

    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service If it won't down load for for I can paste the articles in here. My Index of Bill Starr Articles: Abs and Uncle Buddy Banish the Bench bigger arms circut The Deadlift, Part One The Deadlift, Part Two Dealing With the...
  16. A

    New Ausbb Members: Here's How to Get Started

    Hi [ausbbyou] Thanks for joining the Ausbb - Australian BodyBuilding Community. Ausbb - Australian BodyBuilding is a community driven message board which seeks to provide a supportive, educational and friendly environment for everyone who are seeking information on bodybuilding...
  17. A

    [Football] Afl Useful links

    Ok here are the all important links for following the game - Official AFL site - AFL - The official site of the Australian Football League - AFL.com.au Adelaide Crows - Official AFL Website of the Adelaide Football Club Brisbane Lions - Official AFL Website of the Brisbane Lions Football...
  18. F

    min post for links and images

    is there anyway that you can lower the post limit for links and images ?