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Pappy O'Daniels

New member
You are not allowed to post any kinds of links, images or videos until you post a few times.

Kinda irritating that I am trying to discuss something but cannot do either. :mad:

Your error message says "a few" posts are required before permission is granted ... well I'm on 14 and still cannot.
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Administrator. Graeme
Staff member
it's been awhile since i looked at it , i think it is set to 15

irritating i know , but it had to be put in place to combat spammers


Well-known member
... it had to be put in place to combat spammers

And some of my posts. Apparently images of a sex act by the new First Lady of the US was a bit too much. Frankly, I think any image of her orange husband is a bit much and offensive, but that's just me.