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tbh, I'd just keep the money until you can spend it on the rubber coateds at shutrade or gymandfitness (gymdirect dont stock these plates just yet as far as I'm aware). They're really high quality.


New member
thanks to everyone who has posted, keep them coming.

don't forget to add the location of the ebay listing in your post, because usually these listings (especially power racks etc) are pick-up only, I believe?


Nice find at a bargain price, come on guys you know you want too!

Pisses me off when we get people joining up saying 'I want to build a home gym and dont wanna pay over $300 for it', something like this comes up and not a single bid.

That, or some dumbass hesitates and makes a thread 'hey guys, mad power rack 1/3rd of original price, should I buy it?'


Fucked up Kunce
You can list anything here that you may think other member's may be interested in. It does not have to be BB related.

What might be crap for some may be of interest to others.



Theres been some good shit of late.

weights bench & power rack ,olympic bar & 200kg weights - eBay Other Strength Training, Strength Training, Exercise, Fitness, Sport. (end time 11-Jan-10 12:42:45 AEDST)

American power rack (brand unknown), FID bench, olympic bar, 200kg of plates and a weights tree, leg and preacher curl attachments starting at $1.8K on the Gold Coast. Good starter package.

NEW POWER SQUAT CAGE RACK WEIGHTS OLYMPIC BAR GYM RACK - eBay Multistation Gym Machines, Machines, Exercise, Fitness, Sport. (end time 09-Jan-10 20:47:51 AEDST)

Interesting power rack here. Seems to have a welded base, 400kg capacity. Currently going at $100 with two days left, sydney.

Bench press and squat rack - eBay Benches, Strength Training, Exercise, Fitness, Sport. (end time 08-Jan-10 22:36:19 AEDST)

Bench press and squat rack - eBay Benches, Strength Training, Exercise, Fitness, Sport. (end time 08-Jan-10 22:36:19 AEDST)

Calgym (commercial brand) power rack, adjustable bench, avanti flat bench, 160kg of weight and an olympic bar, currently $450 with one day left. Bardon, QLD.

Squat Rack-20kg Bar - eBay Bars, Attachments, Strength Training, Exercise, Fitness, Sport. (end time 12-Jan-10 18:14:05 AEDST)

Locally made squat rack with safety pins and a standard barbell sitting on $10. Mt Louisiana, QLD.


Trapbar, Glasshouse QLD. $20.


Commercial quality flat bench, currently at $1. Pickup Melbourne.

Buy of the day - calgym set up.
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Cal gym stuff is very nice , very solid, and VERY expensive, a full power rack, 3K+ benches are $3-400 each