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  1. F

    FS Muscle Motion Commercial Power Rack plus loads more

    SOLD Hi All, I have the following for sale for $2,499 ONO. PM for more details. Located on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. 1 X Muscle Motion Commercial Power Rack 1000kg J Hooks / 1500kg Safety bars rating Frame is made of 100mm x 50mm x 3mm steel Net weight 200kg Includes a multigrip chip...
  2. Darkoz

    Adjustable trap bar

    I like the look of this trap bar with adjustable handles and they're not raised so you can get down lower in the bottom position https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0J25iBE9Do
  3. D

    !! Hot fire power cage deals !! Flex fitness equipment

    :cool: IT's Gym Quittin' Time :cool: ArmorTech Power Cage PC5 With Lat Attachment RRP $1,199.00 WAS $898.95 SAVE $401.00 (33%) ONLY $798.00 AUSBB Take 10% MORE ! MEMBERS = $718.20 SPECIFICATIONS: Armortech Heavy Duty Steel Tubing Multi Grip , Non slip Pull up bar 4 x Fully height...
  4. NightFallTech

    For Sale : Ironmaster quicklock adjustable dumbbells

    Iron master adjustable Dumbbells, with rack and add on kit (Takes DB's to approx 54kg each). Very good condition, very space efficient. selling because I've moved to a full rack of fixed DB's now that i have the space. These are the best option if you can't justify a full rack of fixed...
  5. G

    All different manufacturers?

    Hey, I been looking at Power racks, squat stands, cast iron plates, benches, barbells etc. I found Rogue Fitness near where I can go look... They got an adjustable bench at $1250... I found Any Faster - They seem really expensive as well. Whats up with the prices, and whats the point to it...
  6. K

    MM adjustable benches

    Hey everyone, first poster here. I can't decide between http://www.gymdirect.com.au/shop/strength-equipment/benches/adjustable-benches/black-adjustable-flat-to-incline-bench-rating-certified/ and...
  7. C

    For sale vic, power rack and bumper plates full setup!!

    Full setup Power rack with chin up bar and dip station that can be attached $800 Olympic barbell with close grip handle $100 New bumper plates rubber outside 8x20kg, 2x10kg, 2x 5 and 2.5kg sold Bike $100 Commercial grade bench fully adjustable, not cheap crap. $500 All bought new except...
  8. Shrek

    Adjustable Dumbells

    Anyone got them? Thinking of getting a pair like this. Worth it?
  9. J

    Rack Package Help

    Been trailing through prior posts here and elsewhere. Really useful, but thought I would start a new (and first) post to see if I could help narrow down my options/get some advice. Had a year off lifting for health issues, but now want to get back into it. Fed up with the crowded gyms so...
  10. BrisVegasGhost

    Adjustable Benches

    Here is my latest addition to my self made equipment. One heavy duty Flat/Incline bench and one Flat/Incline/Decline bench Just at the frame stage at the moment. Pads to come 75x75x3mm thick main Frame 10mm thick radial arms 16mm hardware. Heavy duty Pop Pins....bullet proof! FID bench FID and...
  11. Rugby88

    Starting home gym

    As some of you may be aware - I have not been training much, motivation is down - but also on the other hand I have just purchased my 1st home and will be moving in (all things going well) on the 16th on this month. It is a beautiful old country style home BUT it also has a fantastic garage and...
  12. KungFooGoo

    Rack, Benches, Bars - Perth, W.A

    Selling all of my home gym gear. l'll be throwing up my weights, weight tree and possibly an ABC bar up later on this week after l hear back from someone so l'll update the post than. Please PM me if you'd like photos of the any piece or if you'd like to stop by and have a geez. Flat Bench -...
  13. T

    FOS SALE IN MELBOURNE: Commercial power rack, adjustable bench, plates

    The rack has got to go! $800 takes it. I've got the older version of this rack: http://www.gymandfitness.com.au/commercial-power-rack.html (mine doesn't have the spotting arms or the bottom extension at the front) This bench...
  14. StrungOut

    Adjustable Plyometric Box

    Hi guys, Looking at adding one to the home gym. Has anyone used these before and what were your thoughts on them. Looking at the one off the top link which is ~$150 with shipping. Looks exactly the same as the Force USA one in the second link so assuming they are the same Adjustable Plyo Box...
  15. N

    SYD-PowerBlock 100 lbs Adjustable Dumbbells + Folding Bench & Stand Combo

    PowerBlock 100 lbs Adjustable Dumbbells + Folding Bench & Stand Combo for $875 (rrp over $1200) Made in USA Pick up from Westmead.. Can deliver locally, ask for a quote. Any questions, please email or text me on the mobile number in ebay ad. Thanks. Powerblock 100 LBS Adjustable Dumbbells...
  16. M

    Quick Lock Dumbbells - Adjustable between 2.5-50kg

    Hi guys, Has anyone on this board bought these dumbbells? Quick Lock Dumbells - Adjustable between 2.5-55kg* They are a Force USA copy of the ironmasters with a hexagonal design and for sale in Aus for $600, compared to $900 for ironmasters for the same weight. I had plenty of questions for...
  17. S

    (Perth)Pair of 32kg adjustable Kettlebells for sale

    I have a pair of Ironedge 32kg Adjustable Kettlebells for sale - hardly used and still have original boxes $320 ono ( allen keys and spanner also included). PM me if you are interested
  18. P

    Ironedge v Force USA Adjustable Kettlebell

    Anyone have any experience with these products ? Just wondering which one is better Force USA Adjustable Kettlebell - Up to 32kg and 32kg Adjustable Kettlebell - Iron Edge Fitness Equipment - Train Smarter
  19. Frogman

    Adjustable Dumbbells

    G'day all.. Does anyone know where I can get a set of bells like these or similar around Brisbane or Sunny Coast ?? I come through that way when i'm heading home to the Coffs Harbour area after working away , so easy to pick up .. Have seen sets on Ebay but they won't let you pick them up so...
  20. A

    Adjustable Dumbbells

    Hey Guys, Gym membership is up. Wasting money going to that joint. Wondered what thoughts you guys might have on adjustable dumbbell sets? Any brands etc?\ Cheers, Al