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  1. Stiff 2G

    Fuck Chinese Communist Party

    Prepare to die kunce! If these CCP kunce wanna keep hacking our Internet, spying on our Government and Businesses etc, threatening expats Families, invading sovereign territories etc, I say we blow one of their Jets or Battleships outta the water/Sky next time they hassle anyone in...
  2. Darkoz

    Hip belt squat

    I have to get me one of these, I want to squat without placing a load on my spine or shoulders https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbTq68n7MIo
  3. P

    Dumbbell Rack - vertical - max weight

    Greetings all. Its been awhile since I posted on here, My wife is looking to work out from home, I am looking to get her a set of used dumbbells and a vertical stand to save space as an Xmas present for her. I had a look at what you can get online, and feel like its a massive waste getting...
  4. A

    90 year old man in sandals does 24 pull-ups on his birthday

    When was the last time you did pull-ups for fun, let alone on your birthday? Well, 90-year-old Vern from Florida recently put us all to shame when his son recorded him doing pull-ups on his birthday. According to his son, the two regularly go to the gym together to work out despite Vern's old...
  5. S

    Sex for older Men

    No, this isn't an invitation for older Men to come here and get Sex, it's a question regarding Sex and aging. How much does your Sex life deteriorate as you get older? I'd like to hear what the Ausbb Members in their 50s @Shrek; @Darkoz; @Goosey; @Fadi; @WoodyAllen; etc and anyone else have to...
  6. Fadi

    Bodybuilding is not what it used to be!

    The sport of bodybuilding has definitely changed, for the worse. It's no longer the sport that I joined back in 1984. If the immature behaviour displayed by well known bodybuilders, was to take place amongst some professional footballers, the whole organisation would go into a disciplinary mode...
  7. Fadi

    Colin Kaepernick Refuses to Stand for National Anthem...

    OK, so in the above video it's all about how bad and unappreciative Collin is towards this country (America) that has done so much for him...according to the man bagging him. Now let's see what and why Collin won't stand and would still remain sitting whenever the national anthem of the United...
  8. K

    Wtb > iron edge squat stand

    Been looking for another iron edge squat stand to add to home gym , I saw two earlier for sale but never catch the seller on time so willing to try my luck here. ( VICTORIA)
  9. Fadi

    No body No parole

    I remember hearing "no body no crime", and today, we've got certain victims of crime in western Australia who are calling for part of the law to change. They want the law to make parole contingent upon the location of the body. As things stand right now, the persons convicted of murder may...
  10. Fadi

    Is volume king?

    Yes volume is king, volume of work that is. However there is one clause attached to the performing of this volume, and that is, the most volume you can recover from, is what’s going to either make you or break you..., as far as adaptation is concerned. Yes intensity is essential, but in the...
  11. Fadi

    Convicted paedophile and diabetic Rolf Harris in hospital after chocolate binge...

    http://www.smh.com.au/world/convicted-paedophile-and-diabetic-rolf-harris-in-hospital-after-chocolate-binge-reports-20151113-gkyvm6.html Capital punishment debating aside for now, I say why not a daily public flogging (or similar punishment) for such sub-humans! To simply provide (a living free...
  12. D

    Where to start?

    HI All, interesting in trying a pre-workout supplement, but trawling around on here, despite the heaps of helpful reviews, there doesn't seem to be any stand out product. Recommendations? Or is it such a broad area that you just pick one and go with it for a while? Cheers
  13. Repacked

    Sweet hooks

    If it hasn't got a sweet hook post it elsewhere...
  14. K

    Half rack or squat stand

    So decided just build up a gym in the backroom, planning make a lifting platform but was wondering about this rack not sure if it be snap city or Im just better off getting a squat stand. Half rack / Squat Rack S1 - World Fitness Force USA Squat Stands | Gym Equipment
  15. CaT_SPeW

    185kg plates, stand, oly bar and bench

    All Bodymaker/ Muscle motion brand - 185kg rubber coated olympic weights - weight stand - Olympic bar - Adjustable bench all gear is used with the usual wear and tear but one of the smaller weights has a small split in it. The bench im pretty much throwing in for free as it needs re...
  16. A

    Shoulder Overhead Press. To sit or stand?

    When it comes to shoulders, we all agree that shoulder pressing is the way to go. But which do you find hits the shoulders most, seated shoulder press or standing shoulder press? do you prefer dumbbells or barbell? which allows you to use most weight?
  17. N

    SYD-PowerBlock 100 lbs Adjustable Dumbbells + Folding Bench & Stand Combo

    PowerBlock 100 lbs Adjustable Dumbbells + Folding Bench & Stand Combo for $875 (rrp over $1200) Made in USA Pick up from Westmead.. Can deliver locally, ask for a quote. Any questions, please email or text me on the mobile number in ebay ad. Thanks. Powerblock 100 LBS Adjustable Dumbbells...
  18. Goosey


    1. What's your favorite recipe 2. thick or thin base? 3. Do you notice the difference between; A. cooked in a coventional oven B. wood fired C. one of those conveyer type ovens I love pizza as much as I love ice cream.
  19. morgan000

    [SYD]Barbell set with stand

    Hey everyone, I have a barbell set with the stand. Pics and description are in the link below. Price is negotiable of course. Barbell set with stand | Gym & Fitness | Gumtree Australia New South Wales - Sydney Region | 1025927138
  20. B

    Bulk Nutrients at Fit X - signings and confirmations at our stand!

    - Australian IFBB Pro, Ivan Sadek! We can confirm that Big Ivan Sadek who is competing in the IFBB Pro Show will be at the Bioflex and Bulk Nutrients booths on both Saturday before the Pro Show and throughout the day, Sunday. Ivan is one of the most relaxed and friendly bodybuilders you would...