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  1. Stiff 2G

    Tokyo Olympics 2020 ... 2021

    How's bout dem Swimmers aye Shrek
  2. S

    Airline asked Powerlifter to prove she was female

    https://www.news.com.au/sport/sports-life/powerlifter-rejected-from-flying-told-to-prove-she-was-a-woman/news-story/8507104625eb4b1260c2a39dcb6fe97e Does this woman compete in womens events or is this a transgender thing? Looking at her Instagram I can see why the airline may have thought she...
  3. showdownhero

    General Power Lifting Discussion

    Hey guys, There's a novice power lifting comp in Bundoora next month, do you think it would be worth throwing my hat in the ring? https://www.facebook.com/events/1621554364621103/
  4. spartacus

    research for upcoming article on the role of govt and powerlifting 2018

    I am currently writing an academic piece on the role of govt with regard to powerlifting in oz given 2018 events. I am hoping that ordinary PA members, and other powerlifters, can help me with my research. for example, pa members could write to their ceo and ask why it was necessary to...
  5. spartacus

    2017 World weightlifting championships

  6. spartacus

    What sporting events would you like to attend

    I have attended a few major sporting events: world cup cricket final, Olympic games track and field, cathy freeman gold night; many AFL grand finals; all of the major horse races in oz; a few NRL matches, major league US baseball, NFL in new York. what do what I want to attend in future? a...
  7. Shrek

    Pacquiao v Horn

    Could Horn win?? I hope so.
  8. S

    Fat loss

    Do you lift, your diet is spot on, what do you do for fat loss workouts? I've always trained to do tough mudder and even a marathon this year but never dropped any fat. I actually ate more. Next year I am throwing these events in the bin to purely focus on fat loss. What workouts do you do in...
  9. WoodyAllen

    Drug test results from IPF Raw Worlds in Texas.

    The IPF tests athletes at international level competitions. Nations test athletes for National and local events. Results of all tests are posted, including a few Out of Competition Tests (OCT). At the raw/classic worlds in Texas in June this year, 52 lifters were tested including Ray Williams...
  10. spartacus

    Rio Olympics timetable for events AEST

  11. spartacus

    2016 Rio Olympic Games thread

    Who is looking forward to Rio Olympics, and what events? I am an athletics fanatic, mainly running and jumps, but also enjoy freestyle swimming, track cycling and rowing. Bolt v Gatlin in 100m should be one of highlights.
  12. spartacus

    2016 Arnold Classic- Pro Raw Powerlifting

  13. Repacked

    South Aus. - Tony Freeman FREE seminar

  14. spartacus

    2015 European weightlifting championships

    anyone watching champs on Foxtel. 63kg Turk lifted 181kg clean and jerk http://www.allthingsgym.com/2015ewc/
  15. spartacus

    Name your five best sporting events you have attended (non regular football games)

    1. OG Sydney: 400m mens and women final (cathy Freman and Michael Johnson) and many other finals and semis. 2. AFL grand finals 1974-1978. 3. Aust v Iraq World Cup elimination 4. Centenary test Aust v Eng 1977 5. 1992 World Cricket Cup Pak defeated England
  16. A

    2014 Australian fitness events calendar

    A state-by-state guide to 2014's biggest fitness events around Australia From big running festivals, to small town fun runs to big endurance obstacle course races there's a fitness event to suit everyone
  17. B

    Staff wanted for events this year

    Do you live in South Australia or the Northern Territory? Have you ever considered getting into the supplement industry? If you are a bodybuilder, serious gym user or just a casual hack, you may be just the person Bulk Nutrients/Bioflex is after. We are looking for an individual in both SA and...
  18. B

    Our first TV commercial to be played at events

    We are quite excited at coming up with something to be played on the big screens. Bulk Nutrients - TVC - Sept-2012 - YouTube
  19. A

    Strongman Grading Events - Aus Wide

    Looks like fun!
  20. A

    News&Current Events Guidelines

    Werlcome to the Ausbb News&Current Events forum. This section is for the discussion of various topics that cover what is happening both within Australia and internationally. Our posters are passionate, intelligent and opinionated, and while divided, have a strong desire to keep debate...