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The IPF tests athletes at international level competitions. Nations test athletes for National and local events. Results of all tests are posted, including a few Out of Competition Tests (OCT). At the raw/classic worlds in Texas in June this year, 52 lifters were tested including Ray Williams, Jezza Upea, CJ Cauchi, John Haack and Dennis Cornelius. There was one positive, for a Mexican athlete.

If you scroll down the whole list, as it's for the entire year, not just one comp, you will notice that aside from those with pending results, there are very few positives. I counted 11 positives out of 322 completed tests, so a bit under 4%. At the Rio olympics there were 13 athletes banned or disqualified, but more may come up from further historic testing and I have no idea how many in total were tested.


Individual countries, though not all, post up the results of national and local drug tests. They may only provide the names of those testing positive, and not all tested in total, and may or may not indicate what particular drugs were involved.

Australia's PA list current or permanent banned lifters. Once you serve your time you are removed from the list.


ASADA have their own list, which should include the PA list:


Nice stack there bro. Lols to the baseball fed.

I don't have any agenda in posting this. Just thought it might be interesting to some.
My bad, and I also tend to think it's "Gauchi", despite knowing him and having him as my "handler" during worlds. I have some sort of mental block there. Maybe his recent beard growth will help me.