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  1. C

    Drugs in CrossFit

    Is it true that drugs are heavily abused in CrossFit?
  2. S

    How many eggs should you eat in a week.

    12 according to new research. http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health/diet/this-is-how-many-eggs-you-can-eat-in-a-week/news-story/25d561d2cec6ba376d8bd170b8b43bce Doesn't say what happens if you eat more than that? I have 6 per day!
  3. spartacus

    What was your favorite sporting result/event of 2017?

    my favorite was the afl grand final and seeing jack on stage belting out a number with The killers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAuPAKRIojM
  4. spartacus

    Favorite physique observed from Rio Olympics

    nothing better than a body which can actually perform well in sport. This thread allows for posting of favorite bodies from Rio Olympics. Dont' be afraid to express your gayness.
  5. A

    What is your favorite pre that still gets you fired up for a workout without needing

    What is your favorite pre that still gets you fired up for a workout without needing copious amounts of powder?
  6. A

    Arnold Schwarzenegger FULL Training, Q&A, Workout Tips (2016)

    Don't RE-live your glory days - LIVE your glory days, every day. There are always new challenges, new weights to lift, new mountains to climb. Stay hungry. Like me and Franco. He was my favorite training partner 4 decades ago and he is my favorite training partner today.+
  7. I

    🔥 new releases & restocked! 🔥

    Hey AUSBB, some new gear and restocks to notify you all about! Gym Bags These bags are unreal, no expense spared here. Roomy, aesthetic - a perfect all rounder! Lifting Belts 10mm, 13mm, Tri Series, Olympic, Quick Release, Single prong all restocked. These belts are phenomenal. Again...
  8. W

    What is your favorite work out quote that motivates you to keep going?

    Everyone wants to look good...Working out has never been easy. It demands loads of effort and dedication.You need that constant reminder to push/uplift you to your goals. Let's share our favorite motivational quotes about working out to encourage a buddy to keep going.:o:o
  9. A

    Your favorite lifting gear

    Hey guys. Thought it be good to get a more current thread to start talking about your favorite wrist wraps and possibly other gear. There's a lot of great information but with all the newer products this should get some good conversation going.[/FONT][/COLOR] Specifically I think things that...
  10. A

    What are you favorite cycling videos?

    What are you favorite cycling videos? Any videos you like are welcome from scenic rides, commercials, how-tos, etc.
  11. D

    What is your favorite steroid and why?

    I would like to know what your favorite steroid is.* I have been giving it some thought over the past couple of days, and with all the choices it seems hard to decide.* I mean, testosterone is THE steroid hormone, but there are so many options.* After a lot of deliberation, I have decided that...
  12. A

    Lunchtime gym goers, what are your eating habits?

    Do you eat your lunch first? What's your favorite late-morning, pre-workout snack? Do you just power through the hunger?
  13. spartacus

    Some of your favorite pro wrestling interviews

    This one is about how to make a challenge, something some of the brutes on this site can learn from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6g_lecgQzb8#t=204
  14. spartacus

    your single favorite spoirting moment that you watched live or on tv

    i love most sports, even watch powerlifting. But my favourite sporting moment was 100m final between Ben Johnson and Carl Lewis, 1987 Worlds in Rome. Both had same pb at time, but Johnson smashed the wr at time in 9.83. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzpADwTjBws What is your favourite...
  15. A

    Ed Coan's Favorite Skwaat and Deadlift Assistance Exercises

  16. A

    Whats your favorite, commonly heard or just whacky weightlifting-specific myths or ad

    Whats your favorite, commonly heard or just whacky weightlifting-specific myths or advice?
  17. W

    Which one game do you like best?

    I like playing with my dick. It's so cool and funny that I cann't wait to share it for you! ;)
  18. A

    What's your favorite Quest Nutrition bar?

    Do these bars taste good ? Are they over rated?Anyone have a good recommendation?
  19. A

    Best Foods and Tricks for Dining Out

    What are your favorite places to get food when dining out? What are your go-to meals when eating out with friends? Have any tips/tricks to share with everyone?
  20. A

    Reverse Pyramid Training

    Have you successfully (or unsuccessfully) used this program? What are your favorite resources, spreadsheets, calculators, etc? What tweaks, changes, or extra assistance work have you found to be beneficial to your training on this program? Do you have any questions, comments, or advice to give...