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Administrator. Graeme
Staff member
Do you eat your lunch first? What's your favorite late-morning, pre-workout snack? Do you just power through the hunger?


New member
I used to fast till just before 12 when I'd train and have a 20g protein shake. These days I have about 4 hard boiled eggs about mid morning. Still train at 12ish.


Standard kunce
Ill have my eggs first thing before leaving for work, then bout 9:30 have some oats with honey and cinnamon, then 11:30 ill have a protein shake, train from bout 12:15 or there about, and usually have my lunch chicken and veg or steak and veg or whatever maybe around 2:00.


New member
Breakfast around 8ish, protein shake, oats, piece of fruit. Then I have a quest bar at about 11, preworkout at 11:30, train at 12. Lunch straight after.


Used to workout at lunchtime, some how I'd manage to get a full meal in without having to worry about being sick.
Most of the time, I ate at 11am, then trained at 1pm.