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  1. K

    Any advice for really really weak people?

    I'm very weak. I work up a sweat and get fatigued using machines on the lowest weight available. I've been living a sedentary life for a lttle over a decade. However, I'm not sure if that accounts for how weak I am/feel. Maybe I've got something wrong medically, but nothing has shown up in...
  2. I

    ★ Iron Tanks Reloaded Pt 2 ★ NEW Lifting Belts And A Massive Restock! 💪

    ★ Iron Tanks Reloaded Pt 2 ★ NEW Lifting Belts And A Massive Restock! 💪
  3. A

    [NSW/VIC/QLD/WA/SA] Free Bodybuilding Posing Workshops

    Posing coaching with a private instructor can be expensive. These workshops are free and are held by the organisers, professional athletes and actual judges of the shows. They typically cover men's and women's divisions including bodybuilding, classic physique, physique, figure, fitness and...

    how do you know if you will lose your hair on AAS?

    is there an accurate way to tell? i have very dry and flakey hair, inside ears and flaking skin on my face and under eyes and eyebrows which started a few years ago i have not been able to figure out why. also had some kind of nasty bad scalp infection for about a year that would not go away...
  5. I

    ★ Gym Accessory Assault! 48 Hr Flash Sale, up to 30% OFF! Check it out*💪

    ★ Gym Accessory Assault! 48 Hr Flash Sale, up to 30% OFF! Check it out*💪
  6. A

    2017 Australian Natural Bodybuilding Competition Schedule

    April 2017 CENTRAL COAST MUSCLE & FITNESS MODEL MANIA Saturday 8th April 2017 Venue: Gosford Leagues Club Saturday 22nd April 2017 Victorian Regionals Venue: The Cube, Wodonga Coral Coast Classic Championships Saturday 29th April 2017 Venue: Riverway Arts Centre Townsville QLD May...
  7. A

    How many push-ups can you do in a set?

    Before you really start to burn out and barely pushing out the last one
  8. L

    Overhead Press, forearm clicking

    Hi All, Just switched from seated overhead press (slight incline), to standing again. I realised my grip was way too wide (on the gnurling), and have bought my grip into should width as per the various form guidelines on "proper form". Generally I feel stronger like this too with less shoulder...
  9. A

    Good brands for lifting belts and wrist straps?

    What are some good brands for lifting belts and wrist straps?
  10. Shrek

    Arnold Classic Australia 2016

    This Friday & Saturday the 2nd Annual Arnold Classic Australia Line-ups competing in Melbourne, Australia! Weekend IFBB Schedule Thursday -Athlete meet & greet: 7:00PM - Expo / Super Gym Friday -IFBB Figure & Bikini Pre judging: 2:00 PM - Expo / Main Stage -IFBB Men's Open Pre Judging...
  11. V

    TB 500 dosage for best results. HELP!

    Whats up guys? Just trying to figure the dosage for TB500 and my protocol. Long story short, I have purchased legit peptides from so-called "anti aging clinic" - that's what they are called here in Australia. They have legit doctor who issues you a script and their peptides get constituted with...
  12. Fadi

    More than 30,000 Americans die from gun violence every year...

    The man seems to be frustrated with his congress. As we know in bodybuilding (as in other facets of our lives), it's plain insane to expect different results when you hold on so dearly to what you've been doing for years. Different results demand a change, otherwise it's wishful thinking mixed...
  13. P

    Recommend me a program

    Some of you guys are progressing great, so I'm hoping for some advice. I need a new program, general strength and some hypertrophy. I'm not a powerlifter or anything obviously. Currently cutting for the next couple months and doing full body while I figure out what to do. Stats: Squat 180 Bench...
  14. A

    Arnold Classic Australia 18 March 2016 - 20 March 2016

    He told you he'd be back! Arnold Schwarzenegger will be attending the Arnold Classic Australia again in 2016. It is shaping up to be bigger than ever. Come along to 3 non-stop days for the latest in entertainment, sporting events, supplements, fitness equipment, apparel and more...
  15. A

    A Woman Wore Her Fitbit During Sex And Replicated A Classic Experiment

    GADGETS A Woman Wore Her Fitbit During Sex And Replicated A Classic ExperimentDIANE KELLY12 AUGUST 2015 9:30 AM Discuss 10 Bookmark FACEBOOK TWITTER4 REDDIT LINKEDIN GOOGLE+ Redditor noveltysin wore her Fitbit while she had sex, and shared the resulting graph of her heart rate with the...
  16. A

    Mr Olympia Winner of All Time - Bodybuilding Motivation 2015

    Mr. Olympia 1965 -2014 All Winners - Bodybuilding Motivation 2015 Fitness motivation, bodybuilding motivation 2015, zumba fitness, workout fitness, fitnessblender, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Muscle, old bodybuilder, bodybuilder vs. bodybuilding documentary, bodybuilding training. bodybuilding...
  17. Jungnaut

    Jungnaut needs help with Diet Plan (critique please)

    First I am going to admit that diet isn’t one of my strong points, since I just eat whatever I feel like, going by sight and feel with foods and just using P:C:F of 40:30:30 as my rough guide for the past year. I have put on size which is what I wanted to do but now at 85kg (give and take), I...
  18. B

    DIET DOWN - 1st time.. HELP!!!

    Hey Guys - new to the forum so be gentle :-) My bf was my trainer, we broke up a few months ago and i have not been able to find anyone else that I want to work with.. I focus on powerlifting style training with limited cardio. I have been training for 2+ years - looking to compete Sep 2015...
  19. A

    Chopper Read, crime figure and author, dead from liver cancer aged 58

    THERE are reports this afternoon that Mark Brandon "Chopper" Read is dead. The notorious criminal and author, whose life story was turned into the eponymous film "Chopper" in 2000, was 58. Read was discharged from Royal Melbourne Hospital earlier this week after receiving...
  20. A

    2013 NABBA/WFF NT Bodybuilding, Figure & Fitness Championships