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  1. S

    Second cycle newbie

    Hey guys, I did a test enanthate cycle a few years back and it was so good. No idea why its taken me this long to go again but was thinking of trying something different. The first time i was recommended to do 12 weeks and a pretty high amount of test. This time i was thinking of doing test...
  2. A

    Hi, cheers for the membership.

    New member just saying g’day. 35yrs old ex personal trainer, had a big motorcycle accident and had half my right foot amputated so that put an end to my career. Still lift as hard as my body will let me 🤙🏻
  3. D

    Aussie barbell co power bar

    Looking for a new barbell... i have been using a 6.6 foot 15kg 25mm womans barbell. Need something that is good for the 3 lifts, squats, bench press and deadlift. Has to be durable and low maintenance. Im not sure what knurling i want.... the knurl on my current bar is really passive and doesnt...
  4. Big Mick

    Who Actually Lifts?

    Would be interesting to know how many of the members here actually lift weights?? By some of the responses to posts on here, it becomes apparent that some people do not have a clue about weight training. Do they still train? Or do we have people here that just come to the forum to kill some...
  5. A

    Steroids V Peptides

    hey all pretty new to this side of working out. im 6 foot 2 90kgs, but a slimish sorta build. Ive been looking at, and weighing up the steroids vs peptides. I can get the peptides easily and legally but very $$$ places claim to have the same effects as steroids using only peptides? Can people...
  6. M

    Powerlifting shoes - where to try and buy in melbourne?

    Previously I've only worn runners when training, so obviously I've never bought any before. So because some brands will fit my feet better than others, I need to try some before handing over any cash. Is this actually possible in Melbourne?
  7. J

    Fellow short dudes, where do you buy your gym tanks/singlets?

    I'm 5'7" and struggle to find tanks/singlets that fit properly, especially stringers. Any recommendations for good fitting gym gear for shorter dudes?
  8. Reide

    Probably a dumb question but I'm going to ask anyway

    Can exercise make you taller or shorter? I could imagine posture comes into play but I seem to have shrunk 3cm and I'm already happy meal sized.
  9. Shrek

    Upper Chest

    Can it be built using inclines etc?
  10. N

    Glute-ham raise for sale

    Looking for $220 for this glute-ham raise, has an extra wide foot plate 86cm approx. Pickup is in Bayswater North 3153. Email nevharris700@Hotmail.com
  11. Headley

    Damn sore foot

    Not sure whats going on but the last 2 months i have had quite a sore foot. Happened when i was running around like a mad eedgit opening the new work facility. When i was waking it felt like i had pulled/strained a muscle or even got a stress fracture. Anyway, 2 months later and i am ready to...
  12. ride29er


    Season 2 just started anyone else watch it? Seriously one of my favourite tv series I have watched, Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. M

    INJURY List

    Hi all, Thought I would list the injuries I have ahd since i started training.. These are since I started a little over 2 years ago (could be why i never did anything physical before) :) 3 Months after I started thought i would try lunges Pulled a muscle, legs out of action for a bit. 6...
  14. Goosey

    Angle of foot for squatting?

    Read something recently by a Cross-Fit bloke. He writes you lose hip torque during squats if you let your toes turn out. Same with fingers during pushups. Keep them facing straight. Thoughts on this, anyone read this also ? I for one would like to know how this tool used what tool to...
  15. Sticky


    So a few guys have asked if I can post up a few pointers on the bench. Im no bench specialist, but hopefully the following can help you out a little. Setup First things first, we need to set our grip width. 81cm is the maximum legal grip that can be used in competition, so given my levers...
  16. R

    Deadlifts with a 5 foot bar?

    Does anyone see any issues performing deadlifts with a 5 foot bar? I have an olympic bar which I use for squats, bench etc however Iwould prefer to leave that on the rack so I can quickly rotate between lifts
  17. G

    Foot tendonitis

    Just curious if anyone has foot tendonitis before? If so how did you treat it and how long till your foot went back to normal? I went to the doctors I have got foot tendonitis in one foot and have been giving tablets but I'm a little worried they will not work, as I'm on my feet at work and...
  18. alex

    injured foot

    id like to say i hurt the tendon in my foot skydiving or base jumping or something cool like that but that wouldnt quite be factual. i actually rolled it playing mixed indoor netball!!!! back just healed then this haha!!!! damn injury prone !!!! at least i have the week off work!!
  19. T

    Subway Bacon and Egg $5 Foot Long Sub?

    What do you guys think of these? They are cheap and apparantly according to the web site they have 60g of protein 50g fat 100g carb. That's a decent start to the day I think? I got 3 kfc wicked wings with it as well. 1 serve is supposed to be 30.4g fat, 17.5g pro, 45.9g carbs. 1...