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  1. D

    need a belt... any recommendations?

    Ive been lifting for 15 months and am getting painful lower back on my deadlifts... saw a coach who helped me a lot with my form but it still hurts for days afterwards. Also if i do a big squat session i get pain. I was thinking to try a belt to provide some support for my lower back. Any...
  2. spartacus

    sound strength training principles from a russian weighlifter on t-nation

    https://forums.t-nation.com/t/sergey-bondarenko-russia-450-510-lbs-235-useful-articles-q-a-form-check-etc/214212/7 I like this quote And never forget one of the most important rule that many trainees underestimate – it is better to “undertrain” than to overtrain. If you face overreaching, then...
  3. A

    2018 Barbell

    Hi all, Looking to upgrade my Chinese barbell to a proper one. I've been lurking around here and other forums for a while and have narrowed it down to two. Australian Barbell Co. BOP220 with deep fine knurl and stainless sleeves. Or, Rogue Power Bar. At the moment I'm swaying heavily to the...
  4. O

    Shred FX Zero vs OxyShred

    Hi there, newbie to the aussbb forums. Looking for a bit of advice on the Shred FX Zero by Genetix Nutrition vs OxyShred by EHP (not allowed to post links to product) I have previously tried OxyShred twice, first tub was pretty effective, had me sweating in the gym and definitely made me a lot...
  5. Fadi

    Work hard play hard right?!

    90% of everything you read on bodybuilding forums centers around working hard, very hard! The weekend rolls by and some can't wait to really play hard either. So we've got 90% working and playing hard, and it seems the same 90% are wondering why they're not progressing the way they believe they...
  6. spartacus

    [Article] Are deadlifts necessary beyond powerlifting?

    My humble view is that deadlifts are overrated as an exercise, beyond their importance to powerlifting. I tend to agree with this article https://www.t-nation.com/training/the-deadlift-who-needs-it I also say this despite that lift being probably my best lift of the three powerlifts. as a...
  7. T

    Hi, pro workout planner and gym junkie here ;)

    Hey everyone new from Newcastle NSW, Just dropping in to say whats up and keen to get into the forums a bit more! Cheers for having us :)
  8. A

    Jay cutler talks about steroids, and the modern drug culture.

  9. R

    Iron Edge

    Looks like Iron Edge has gone bust (http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/archive/2537363) - I noticed that Gymquip is now selling Rehband sleeves and a new website is now selling Romaleos and bands (https://www.iron365.com.au/). Bit of a shame, but not really surprising since their gear was pretty...
  10. Goosey


    I posted this here because I didn't know where to, so many sub forums. back in the day at around the mid nineties there were a couple of forums specifically about lifting weights, with maybe three sub forums. all had their philosophies and like minded people used to discuss methods and swap...
  11. Big Mick

    Squats and Deadlifts 7 days a Week!?!?

    Wasn't sure if I should put this in the body building or power lifting section, so I just put it here. Not sure if such a program exists, but I was thinking the other day while driving to work for an hour, I might give Squats and Deadlifts daily a run for a little while and see. My thoughts...
  12. A

    Ausbb referral contest

    OK guys, Ausbb.com is holding a referral contest. This is how it works. 1) Grab your referral link at: http://ausbb.com/usercp.php (you will see it in the middle of the page under the heading "Invite your friends to join our community by linking them here via the following URL:" and it...
  13. A


    this program is a headache , it's a 3rd party application that Ausbb has no control over , in their latest upgrade something has gone wrong with the application causing problems , a suppor ticket has been lodged a few other forums are experiencing problems with tapatalk too
  14. Fadi

    Bro Science vs. Science and what you need to know

    Would you stop what’s been working for you for years based on some new scientific study? Personally, I wouldn’t. If something has been working, it does not stop working because some scientist somewhere has “proved” to the contrary. A case in point here would be the application of the...
  15. A

    Follow Aubb - Australian Bodybuilding forums on twitter

    Do you Twitter? Seems everyone is these days. If you have a Twitter account, be sure to follow us @ausbbforums
  16. S

    A noobs questions about Powerlifting

    (1) Who's the greatest Powerlifter of all time? (2) Does Powerlifting fuck your joints up later in life? (3) Will all the low rep stuff and excess calories make me fat? (4) Does Powerlifting make you angry (on online forums)? (5) Do the beards help? Do the women have beards too (not just...
  17. Bench Polkov

    The state of the powerlifting/strength forum

    To quote a competitive lifter from my facebook feed today: "that forum is the bottom of the barrel." If the powerlifting section is to ever draw competitive lifters then it needs legitimate and serious discussion about the sport. This is what it needs, not a bunch of non-competitive idiots...
  18. A

    does ausbb have private forums?

    i have been asked this a few times and the answer is no ausbb does not have any private forums
  19. A

    New Forums Added

    test driving a new forum: Kettlebell Training , a place for you to discuss kettlebell training
  20. Rugby88

    Phil Heath

    Looking large n in charge... VIDEO: Mr Olympia Phil Heath Guest Posing March 31, 2012