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Administrator. Graeme
Staff member
OK guys, Ausbb.com is holding a referral contest.

This is how it works.

1) Grab your referral link at: http://ausbb.com/usercp.php (you will see it in the middle of the page under the heading "Invite your friends to join our community by linking them here via the following URL:" and it should look something like this:http://ausbb.com/forum.php?referrerid=1. Note: You must be a member of ausbb.com. If you aren't, then signup now!

2) Share your referral link with your friends, your website visitors, your social network followers, etc.

That's it. At the end of the contest we will tally up all the referrals that each member has received, and we will award those that received the most referral signups.
(note: we reserve the right to disqualify any participants for any reason at all, including bogus referrals, spamming, self-signups, multiple signups on the same IP address, or anything else that we feel makes the contest unfair. That is anything at all. We will review all entrants referral to determine if we feel they are legitimate.) In the case of a tie, we will hold a random drawing (pick out of a hat).

Methods of Gaining Referrals:
- Keep in mind that NO SPAM will be tolerated whatsoever. Also no multiple signups by immediate family (using the same IP address). If you are caught spamming you will be disqualified . Spam is any unsolicited email, PM's, posts on forums, or anything that breaks the rules of another website, email account, social networking site, etc.

Suggested Methods of gaining referrals:
- Posting on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc
- Telling your friends via email, word or mouth, etc.
- Posting Youtube videos with your referral link in them.
- Putting your referral link in your signature on forums that you post at.
- Blogging about Ausbb and including your referral link.
- Putting a link on your website or fanpage.
- Anything else that is not considered illegal or spam.

- Grand Prize (most referrals) - $50 Cash

This contest will run from today (13th October, 2015) until 13th November Winners will be announced thereafter.