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  1. S

    Please help! Growth Hormone AND IGF-1 pathology result interpretation

    Hey guys My first run on HGH and got my labs back after 10 days or so, but it's very confusing to work out how efficacious my gear is with all the conversion methods/units between different countries and discrepancies between articles publishing 'normal ranges'. To give context this test was...
  2. Big Mick

    BN Future Whey

    Anyone seen this?? http://www.bulknutrients.com.au/products/future-whey.html I just came across this in a random internet add, so I ordered a free sample, you can only try one flavour so I ordered lemonade, you would think that you could try both flavours so you can decide which one you...
  3. A

    Ausbb referral contest

    OK guys, Ausbb.com is holding a referral contest. This is how it works. 1) Grab your referral link at: http://ausbb.com/usercp.php (you will see it in the middle of the page under the heading "Invite your friends to join our community by linking them here via the following URL:" and it...
  4. M

    Measuring body fat percentage.

    Ok, first post, It's a bit random and I hope I've put it in the right spot... I'm just curious which method people are using to measure body fat percentage. I have a set of scales that supposedly measures fat and water percentages but I have never trusted it. I know of the pinch test...
  5. A

    Does wind noise in the ear bother you while riding?

    Does wind noise in the ear bother you while riding?
  6. A

    Random Post

    Ausbb - Australian Bodybuilding forum, has been around for quite some time , as a result we have several hundreds of thousands posts to step back in history , i have added a little feature to take you to a random post in the nvaigation menu, click "quick links" in the drop down you will see...
  7. N

    CORE Training - Without much stress on Back

    Hi guys , I was wondering if I can get some advise and suggestions on workout plan that I can follow to strengthen my CORE and loose belly fat . But my concern is my back , 6 months ago I had a slip disk and since then I have some sort of back niggles and minor issues. I always have to very...
  8. M

    Hello Everyone + Random dribble

    Hi, I am Mehak new to this forum and want to introduce myself by saying hello to everybody.
  9. M

    INJURY List

    Hi all, Thought I would list the injuries I have ahd since i started training.. These are since I started a little over 2 years ago (could be why i never did anything physical before) :) 3 Months after I started thought i would try lunges Pulled a muscle, legs out of action for a bit. 6...
  10. Russell Coight

    The Random Great Song Thread

    Just had a thought, we need a random great song thread. Something not many may have heard of preferably, just random great tracks you've come across.
  11. A

    Sworkit Generates Random Workouts

    Sworkit Generates Random Workouts for Any Timeframe, Whether You’ve Got Five Minutes or an Hour Web/Android/iOS: Recently we created a 20 minute, randomly-generated exercise routine for people who are too busy to exercise. If you liked that, you're really going...
  12. O

    "Fat Pride"

  13. B

    Ugly Women

    I have a question for the men of ausbb. Ugly women yay or nay? I am married nowadays (and shes a looker luckily, aging well too) but there was a stage as a young bloke where I spent a couple years only porking ugly women. The reasons were two fold. Firstly the ugly chicks were easy to get and...
  14. M

    No bull supplements - Review of Choc-orange, Choc-coconut and Choc-Cherry WPI

    I recently bought a kilo of the new choc-orange flavor and some samples of choc-coconut and choc-cherry. Here are my thoughts. Price 5/5 - This is a common factor among all. I'm a big fan of the NBS pricing policy of getting bulk prices but with the ability of choosing a variety of flavors...
  15. C

    PCT advise for random cycle

    So last 2 weeks of my cycle I have plenty of nolva and plenty of clomid on hand, just need timing and dosage help. Cycle was test P 170mg eod for 3.5 weeks then had to get new gear which was 135mg/ml half test e half P which I was pinning 1.7mls eod for the last 4.5 weeks, I know if it was P...
  16. A

    Better Being Unlimited Group Fitness for One Month

    Better Being Unlimited Group Fitness for One Month Here's a secret about exercise you may not know... it doesn't have to be torture. Ok, for the most part, it's highly traumatic, but with today's awesome-sauce deal from Better Being, you can have your exercise, and enjoy it too. Turn...
  17. A

    Grog labels to carry cigarette-style health warnings

    Grog labels to carry cigarette-style health warnings | Herald Sun
  18. DKD

    Work Romances

    Is it a good or bad idea to be involved in a relationship with someone at work? I'm not necessarily talking about the Xmas party 'liaison', I'm thinking more the ongoing affair. Have you, or someone you know, had any good or bad experiences of this? What are your thoughts?
  19. A


    'Necrobumping', for those who aren't aware, is the art of resurrecting threads that have slipped off the front page of their forum and into the catacombs of pages 2-10, usually never to be seen again by all but the bravest of forum adventurers in their search for a missing post or to find a...
  20. K

    Be moral and ethical ppl.

    Gents & ladies, I have to say that my faith in humanity is wavering over the last 3 weeks. I have no confidence in most of the population. I was talking with a guy I know from work the other day. We got on to the subject of how long we have been with our partners. He was 11yrs I am about 12...