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  1. Stiff 2G

    AUSBB's Dad's Army

    Let's face it, most of us are on the wrong side of 45, 50 for some you like Shrek. We've had enough sex ( yes Grunta you have). We've got nothing to look forward to except impotence, incontinence and dementia. I say we make our lives mean something. We sacrifice ourselves for the greater good -...
  2. A

    SARMS - Best AU based place to get them in Nov 2020

    Hey All, The world has changed alot this year and access has changed with it. Keen to hear where you feel is the best AU based place to get sarms in Nov 2020. Look forward to hearing your thoughts Thanks
  3. V

    I need feedback about the workout log app

    Hello here! Recently I created and published app for logging workouts in a gym (workout tracker). I created it for myself, because analogs were uncomfortable for me, but I decided to share created app with others. Just want to say that app is absolutely free and doesn't have advertising, because...
  4. I

    ?*EOFY Sales On Now! 30% Off Storewide - Ends Soon*?

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  5. L

    Smelling Salts

    Who uses smelling salts? and for which lifts? I tried them the first time last week on squats, I was going to go for 4-5 reps but I got so shaky on the 3rd rep that I pitched forward a bit out of my groove and had to rack it. Is it normal to be a bit jittery after ammonia or was I just...
  6. J

    Body instability

    Ive had a number of surgeries on my left shoulder. Physio does nothing. I feel like the shoulder has been tightened forward too much, and results in pulling my left ribs forward and twisting my body. Anyone else have something similar, and, more importantly, been able to fix it?
  7. S

    Sex for older Men

    No, this isn't an invitation for older Men to come here and get Sex, it's a question regarding Sex and aging. How much does your Sex life deteriorate as you get older? I'd like to hear what the Ausbb Members in their 50s @Shrek; @Darkoz; @Goosey; @Fadi; @WoodyAllen; etc and anyone else have to...
  8. Blakey

    What you boys running

    Hey fellas Just joined up trying to get an idea of what cycles guys are running on here My current is 600mg test e weekly 10ius novo rapid mourning and post workout 90mg ment daily Lgd 10mg daily Look forward to your replies blakey
  9. Fadi

    Domestic Violence Against Men

    I could have put it there, but thought it was truly not warranted to end the title of this thread with an exclamation mark! If you have ever doubted what you're about to see, consider the fact, the most often unheard or undiscussed fact of women raping men. I've known since the 70s of that most...
  10. spartacus

    2016 Rio Olympic Games thread

    Who is looking forward to Rio Olympics, and what events? I am an athletics fanatic, mainly running and jumps, but also enjoy freestyle swimming, track cycling and rowing. Bolt v Gatlin in 100m should be one of highlights.
  11. Goosey

    Pull downs

    Possibly the best ever, you got to lean forward and the angle of pull means no escape it doesn't need much weight to stimulate the back
  12. Reide

    Are any of you closet nerds?

    What is your nerdy pleasure?
  13. S

    New member

    Hey guys New member here. 34yo male Lifting for 5 years Ballarat, Vic based Always looking for more size and stay lean Love all things fitness and sport. Looking forward to hearing everyone's story, answering questions and asking a heap myself. Say hi [emoji1360]
  14. Repacked

    Alan Thrall Supp Stack

  15. F

    Hello - Supplements and your opinions

    Hello, I'm a 28 yo Male who's been training on and off for about 4 years and more recently taken things seriously at the gym. I'm around the 80kg mark and pretty lean and I'm looking to get Thanks in advance and look forward to learning some more from this site!
  16. A

    What lift did you always shun until you tried it for yourself?

    What exercises did you all think were stupid until you tried it yourself?
  17. Yoloswagscope

    Lookin forward to meeting people!

    Hey guys, been lurking for a while and now finally I've signed up! It looks like there's some cool people on here, I'm definitely hoping to meet and chat to some people. I'm from NSW, and looking for some new motivation in the gym. Don't be afraid to give me a shout if you can recommend a good...
  18. BrisVegasGhost

    Monitoring calorie intake

    For the people that keep a close eye on your calorie intake do you write things down daily or use a spread sheet? I have a list of all the calories and proteins of the food I consume but it is just scribbled down in a note book. And I never get around to working out and adding up all my...
  19. M

    SLDL technique

    I'd like to give stiff-leg deads a go. Where would I find solid info on form for that lift? Being trained is just not an option where I am: internet tutorials and shit like that is what I've got to go on. So they've gotta be good! :)
  20. kindred

    Are there any quick fixes for leaning to far forward when doing squats?

    Are there any quick fixes for leaning to far forward when doing squats? I just recored myself doing some squats and i lean way forward. I didnt even know i did that! I saw this clip where the guy kept his feet strait and shoulder width apart. He claimed that if you do squats with a slightly...