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  1. S

    Carbohydrates, are they necessary?

    When you train first thing in the morning, carb loading the night before is a necessity imo.
  2. D

    Where to start?

    HI All, interesting in trying a pre-workout supplement, but trawling around on here, despite the heaps of helpful reviews, there doesn't seem to be any stand out product. Recommendations? Or is it such a broad area that you just pick one and go with it for a while? Cheers
  3. Sandin Face

    Wanker's Hand

    Have any of you lot had experience with "Dupuytren's contracture"? I first noticed the annoying little lump in July. I haven't been doing any lifting since before that time (due to an unrelated medical issue), but it gets annoying pushing a lawnmower, so I would imagine it wouldn't be too good...
  4. A

    What`s good about your gym

    As per title what is it about the gym you go to that you like ?
  5. D

    New to this looking for helpful advice

    Hi I am going to start trying to build muscle, the reason I have started is that I am 30 and really want to look after my body before its too late. my goal is to put on muscle but lose body fat which I understand is not easy. I am very dedicated once I start something.... I see it through and...
  6. C

    Check it its really helpful

    And i suggest you to download FREE ebook from the link, have really great content Bodybuilding tips-training-diets-nutrition and exercises - YouTube
  7. A

    Steroid Injection 101

    source: Steroid Injection 101 - steroids.org
  8. B

    Compression Tights - Helpful or Useless?

    So i've been looking into the whole compression tight / skins thing. To get a pair of good quality tights, you'll normally pay $80+ which isnt such a problem. Are these worth the purchase for the cooling, blood flow stimulation? Or are they merely just a garment which doesnt offer much when...
  9. Shrek

    What's your favourite place to buy supplements?

    Here we are going to list your favourite place to buy supplements and protein powders etc. It can either be an online store or shopfront and try to say why you like that particular store, ie, good service, good prices, wide range etc etc. This will help new members too so we don't have a new...
  10. C

    Leg Workout knees?

    Are there any specific leg workouts that will target your knees because thats where I am lacking in my legs?