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  1. Stiff 2G

    Sexiest Woman of 2019

    https://www.instagram.com/oliviaculpo/?hl=en https://nypost.com/2019/06/11/olivia-culpo-gets-top-spot-in-maxims-hot-100-ranking-for-2019/amp/
  2. Darkoz

    Hip belt squat

    I have to get me one of these, I want to squat without placing a load on my spine or shoulders https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbTq68n7MIo
  3. S

    Kelvin Aitken

    A world record holder and Australia's premier Powerlifter. Kunce got a good structure for most Athletic endeavors and is obviously stonk. Can't find many vids, feel free to post some.
  4. S

    Tony Sentmanat - Real World Tactical

    Came across this bloke on Facebook and followed his Instagram account. This bloke is a freak strength and conditioning wise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Z_RwyUF6hM
  5. WoodyAllen

    PA Junior and Masters National Championships (raw)

    Live stream. https://powerliftingaustralia.com ...or on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqfQlDehPsk That latter link may just be for the morning session.
  6. A

    Instagram Weekly Follow Thread

    Tell us about yourself. Post your account. Follow other accounts. Use #ausbb in your posts.
  7. Repacked

    Helmut Strebl

  8. A

    i can see this ending badly

  9. Shrek

    Arnold Classic Live Stream. March 3-4

  10. WoodyAllen

    Phat bois are never fit.

  11. WoodyAllen

    Meanwhile, back in Jina......

    Luo Xiaomin. 17 year old at 58kg front squats 135kg for five. Watch it and weep, you crossphuks. https://www.instagram.com/p/BOlrFC1jxaX/?taken-by=larrior
  12. A

    Fitness girl Erica Cordie flexing biceps

  13. Shrek

    Strongest ab workout

  14. Shrek

    Flex Wheeler - Comeback Imminent

  15. A

    Eddie Hall repping two men on the incline bench

    Eddie Hall repping two men on the incline bench BLt5VmtDIzN
  16. A

    Weekly Discussion Thread

    The place for discussion about bodybuilding. Talk about your Training, nutrition, telling us your PRs, posting your progress pics or instagram, Leave a comment, and don't forget to reply to someone else's too, the whole point is discussion. Be sure to check out the thread a couple of times...
  17. Neddysmith

    Melbourne Burger Joints.

    So lately for some reason i have been following a instagram site called burgersofmelbourne, there are some epic burger places around, which i think i am going to start to visit a few. First place on the list might be ----> Dandenong Pavillion...
  18. A

    big ramy throwback to 2012

    p/837fVPTM3W big_ramy#tbt throw back pic from Olympia amateur in kuwait when I won the overall and got my pro card 2012. Here I'm posing for the overall with my friend @mo2_alrashed
  19. A

    Burpee Box Jumps too easy for you? Check this girl out!! So impressed.

  20. A

    Australia's Jake Nikolopolus A few months from NABBA Universe

    https://instagram.com/p/6SKiB8kp41/ p/6SKiB8kp41 p/6SKiB8kp41 jakenikolopoulos86The time is coming to see what will be left under these layers of bodyfat for the Nabba Mr. Universe contest this October. I've definitely brought up some lagging bodyparts but I still have another year or so...