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  1. Goosey

    Sweeneys gym

    https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sweeneys-Gym-Fitness-Centre/132399053456151 in Sydney somewhere
  2. Repacked

    Promo Code

    Bulk Nutrients; I cannot to get the 'AusbbShaker' promo code to work at checkout. it's never worked in the past either, why is this?
  3. steveP

    Max's Challenge 2015

    It's on again, this time starting in February (tomorrow). Simply go here and sign up from midnight tonight. Max's Muscle-Up Challenge 2014 The official start will be in 2 weeks, but the earlier you sign up, the more of a head start you have. There is also a female version of the challenge...
  4. Headley

    Everything 4x4 & Camping

    Anyone go offroad? Anyone go camping? Anyone love seeing whats out there? I am getting into it slowly with me Triton, need to build it up first
  5. S

    Kaz's Cock Appreciation Thread ***NSFAE*** (Not safe for anyone's eyes)

    Away you go kaz;
  6. spartacus

    Who is AusBB's greatest athlete 2014

    I have put a thread for all you youngsters who like to compete to test themselves and make their claim to being AussBB's greatest all round athlete. There are five events, although you can do just some or all, and any event as many times as you like throughout 2014. Clean and overhead...
  7. R

    Sperm issues in men and women

    Hi… I just want to know after sexual intercourse, is it necessary that women also have to get the sperm out? I mean if sperm never come out from women, then women have any problem? Does he need to take seek advice from physician? With men is it always happen that they fall sperm, but the...
  8. Russell Coight

    The Random Great Song Thread

    Just had a thought, we need a random great song thread. Something not many may have heard of preferably, just random great tracks you've come across.
  9. kaz

    Strong Men don't need to eat meat.

    Patrik Baboumian — beefy only in one sense — tells audience of hundreds that strong men don’t need to eat meat. Moments after apparently carrying more weight than anyone ever before, German strongman Patrik Baboumian let out a roar and a couple seemingly unlikely words: “Vegan power.” The...
  10. kaz

    US woman cuts off Husbands Penis!

  11. Darkoz


    Bit quiet in here girls, what's going on
  12. kaz

    Kaz 2013 Transformation

    Note: This is a non entry. Sex: Female Age: 32 Weight: 56.0kg Waist cm: Thigh cm: Chest cm: Bicep cm: End 2012 PB's: Squat Raw 100kg Squat Wrapped 110kg Bench 60kg Deadlift 120kg Goal: 300kg+ lifting total by 2014 Build LBM (Last DEXA 42kgs) Reduce body fat (current...
  13. kaz

    Kaz's Cookie Recipes

    I love making cookies that use alternate ingredients, mostly from Almond Meal, Honey, Nuts, and anything else I have hanging around. Occasionally I like the naughty stuff so will post those here too :D Choc Chip Cookies 150g Almond Meal 40g Macadamia Nut Oil (can buy at Woolies normal oil...
  14. kaz

    deep's 2012 Body Transformation

    Age 31 Weight 54.2kgs Height 4"11 (150cm) BF% ? Waist 70cm Hip 82cm Thigh 54.5 Mostly trained in Crossfit and Compound lifting Lifting Current: Paralell Squat 92.5kg, Deadlift 90kg, Bench 47.5kg Goals: Squat 100kg, Deadlift 100kg, Bench 60kg Physical Goal: Cut back more body fat, build more...
  15. A

    Member of the Month

    Ausbb - Australian BodyBuilding Member of the Month We've decided that we need to start recognizing some of the great members that have contributed to this wonderful site that makes it what it is today. As i have said many times i just pay the bills it is you guys and girls that make the...