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BigRed Kunce
Anyone go offroad?

Anyone go camping?

Anyone love seeing whats out there?

I am getting into it slowly with me Triton, need to build it up first
Anyone go offroad?

Anyone go camping?

Anyone love seeing whats out there?

I am getting into it slowly with me Triton, need to build it up first

when rock crawling first came in to aus I was doing that. Not recently due to moving.
normally go 4wdriving.

got a lifted patrol 2inch cab lift and 5 inch suspension lift with 34's.

camping yes love it, don't mind getting my hands dirty.
I saw a patrol with a 6.8 litre chevvy diesel in it the other day, i wanted it haha

Still, my Triton is good for working so i will stick with it.

Need to get a bullbar and side steps with rails first, but i have been thinking of building myself a flat tray and remove the tub. Going to pick up a camping trailer next winter as well so should be good.
yep when the motor gives up in this it will be a 5.7 chevvy motor going in.
they are definitely worth the money.

I rebuilt the head about 7months ago As it was a little bit sluggish but after rebuild good as gold. Sfa was wrong with it. Just sludge.

ended up putting a 350 Holley on it and taking off the standard carbi, way more fuel and power now.
Been going off roading/camping/hunting/fishing for about 25 years now and still love it.

Have my 4x4 lifted 2", underbody protection fitted, off road driving lights fitted, and recently added a 90 watt LED light bar, 33" mudhog mud terrain tyres, also have a off road enclosed trailer for camping gear, which is 90% complete. I only use the factory 'brush guard' as it hardly qualifies as a 'bull bar', but have hit three kangaroos in it so far and been lucky no damage at all to the 4x4, could not say the same about skippy.

To me camping and off roading has a purpose though, ie to get to a hunting ground, or great fishing spot, Bought myself a nice compound bow last year, good fun around the camp site on some down time, I am not going to use it for hunting just yet as my marksman ship is a little off still.
My whole life.
Competed in 4x4 events with my 4x4 club. Have a camper, caravan, tent and swag for any occasion.
Going to Hill End to go gold mining in November.
Have 220 acres with a 80 series chopped back for a bush basher. I dont get out there as often as I like, theres too many places in the world to visit.
Daily driver is a lifted Colorado 2010. Goes any where. Tows anything.
Love camping. Always wanted a 4x4 as my current car limits me as to where I can go sometimes.
Just rejigged the title to have one thread on the topic.
We have a few about but hoping we can collaborate in one since a few people get out in Oz.
Battery pack in the camper. Looking to hook up a solar panel by Anderson plug. Previous owner used a small 80 watt as he only ran 12v appliances. I want to upgrade to an inverter to power an electric blanket.
yep love camping and 4x4ing, just dont get out enough or have enough mates with 4x4 so limits where ans what i can do when i do go out, i have a 91 dual cab hilux 2in lift, 31s, bullbar driving lights etc etc gets me where i wanna go, albiet slowly with the 2.8na
Have been doing it years and love it. Have done heaps of remote travel all over this awesome country.
Heading to Tassie at Xmas for 2 weeks 4WDing down the west coast, driving the beaches pretty much the whole way.
Still head bush for a weekend away at least once a month. For a while we got away every weekend for 6 weeks in a row. Love nothing more than sitting round the camp fire and cooking up a storm in the camp oven. Not many people have the luxury of eating blueberry strudel and ice cream in the middle of the Simpson Desert haha!!!
I've got a 80s Land Cruiser and have since lowered it to a more sensible touring height these days as I'm doing much more of that these days than rock hopping. Turbo charged 1fzfe with 300kw/750nm ATRW sure makes the big girl a pleasure to drive.
[MENTION=11762]GUZZLA[/MENTION]; are you taking your 4x4 on the Spirit of Tassy?
Is it costing a tonne?
Yep. $1100 return but the cruiser is only $160 return (inclusive). The rest is accommodation as I prefer a cabin. Came back last time the cheap way staying up on deck and that was just a fucking nightmare or boredom. Could have got it for $850 a few months ago but I took too long deciding if I'd go.

Sucks if you want to take a camper trailer though, they smash you hard for taking those things.
I was hoping to get on with a camper . I watched 4wd monthly do the south west of tassy, was fantastic!
Not sure if it was an old or newer DVD you watched, but they do good DVD's these days. Graham does a great job of them.
Looking at going to the Cadbury Chocolate factory on our way to the West coast. But it's 125km diversion, each way.... Might be worth it just for the gainzzzzzz.
been meaning to get down to Tassie for a couple of years now for some wheelin and fishing, but with the kids and their ages will wait a couple more years...
How old are they Neddy? When i was 10 (had two brothers, one 12 and one 8) we had a big driving holiday from Tassie to Ayers Rock and back, took a month. Loved it.
My sister did 6 months in a caravan with her 3 kids last year....

On another note, I'm on the lookout for a little solar setup to take camping just to charge tablet etc..

Any ideas?