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  1. I

    Online gym australia

    Online steroids australia Hi all I am moving back to Perth australia in March Looking for somewhere to buy steroids online from Australia Just don't want to buy bad stuff Really appreciate all help and feedback
  2. J

    Mk 677 form effectiveness

    Which form is most effective: Pill, liquid, powder ? Also is it ok to buy internationally as I feel shipping conditions may not be optimal (exposure to heat etc.)
  3. I

    AUSBB! ?*Buy One Gym Shoe, Get One Free! Ends in 48 hours*⚡

  4. U

    Keto supplements

    Hi guys and girls. Just wanting to know what people here use for keto. I’ve been doing it for a lil but now but just seeing other opinions on the diet and what supplements yous use. Also does anyone know the best place to get the bhb salts from. For a good price
  5. Shrek

    Safety Squat Bar

    This will be my next addition to my home gym. What are the best ones to buy or should value for money? Any suggestions?
  6. F

    Barbarian MONSTER Gym vs Force USA Monster Gym ?

    I've been looking at both the Barbarian MONSTER Gym and Force USA Monster Gym. I don't hear anything good about Force USA compare to Barbarian.
  7. 7

    WTB or FT: Pendlay15kg bar for my Pendlay 20kg bar

    Im looking for a 15kg (womens) or 10kg (junior) Pendlay bar, either to buy or to swap for my 20kg Pendlay bar. My bar is straight with excellent spin and condition. Used in home garage only. Located in Syd but open to posting interstate...
  8. M

    Powerlifting shoes - where to try and buy in melbourne?

    Previously I've only worn runners when training, so obviously I've never bought any before. So because some brands will fit my feet better than others, I need to try some before handing over any cash. Is this actually possible in Melbourne?
  9. J


    Anyone have good bulking results with Vitargo that justifies the price?
  10. A

    Any Resource Listing Restricted Nutraceuticals?

    Is there any website that tracks which nutraceuticals are regulated in each of the major countries of the world? It's such a maze out there. Australia may have no regulation, but in another country it might be a felony to even possess. In another country, it might be unregulated but only legal...
  11. Shrek


    Does anyone drink it? Do you make your own or buy it?
  12. J

    Fellow short dudes, where do you buy your gym tanks/singlets?

    I'm 5'7" and struggle to find tanks/singlets that fit properly, especially stringers. Any recommendations for good fitting gym gear for shorter dudes?
  13. J

    Purchasing weight plates for home gym.

    Hey guys I'm looking to buy some olympic sized weight plates from gymdirect and I've noticed the variety of different sizes (25kg, 20kg). Was curious on what weight configuration do you guys recommend to get? Buy 2x25kg 2x20kg 2x15kg 2x10kg 2x2.5kg 2x1.25kg? Or any other configs you guys...
  14. Goosey

    Dry roasted unsalted peanuts

    To the melbournites, where can I buy some, I'm wanting to have a crack making my own peanut butter. i bought some "Spikey bridge" it's the only one I really like, "picks" ain't bad either, but exy. preferably kingaroy, these are good.
  15. Shrek

    PWO Carbs - Share your experiences.

    Do you take them, dextrose, waxy maize starch, Vitargo etc? How much do you take? Where did you buy it? How much did you pay? What are/were the results?
  16. Reide

    Soap making

    I am thinking of making soap to save money. I know this is really girly but does anyone else do it?
  17. Reide

    Best place to buy sports clothes

    Lornajane is so pricey. Kmart is uncomfortable. I need to buy some more pants soon as I keep changing shape. So any tips of decent quality for little price would be awesome
  18. Reide

    Those little bean bags from primary school?

    You know the things from sports class? Where can you actually buy some? I wouldn't mind some because I have a few parents interested in fitness classes for their kids. Aka they want me to make sure they sleep. I checked Rebel sport and they said they only have them at Christmas for some reason.
  19. S

    iPod Nano

    Anyone got an iPod Nano? I've got the iPod Shuffle and a couple of Sony MP3 players I bought during my 'anti-Apple' days. Only problem is the iPod Shuffle doesn't allows singular track repeat play mode. At $219 is the iPod Nano worth it? inb4 Shrek says just use your Phone. I could use...
  20. D

    Kogan have a power rack

    Okay, who will be the 1st to try it? https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/fortis-power-rack/ It says it can handle 250kg on the hooks, 300kg on the pully, but only 200kg on the safety bars...why didn't they make the safety bars at least 300kg?