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  1. spartacus

    Powerlifting Australia rankings 2017

    Powerlifting Australia Ltd. Men's Ranking - 2017 - Raw - 12 June 2017 CLASS PL NAME BWT TOTAL WILKS PLACE DATE 59kg 1 Tony Vuong 58.85 523.5 454.50 Melbourne 21.05.2017 2 Michael Barbuto 58.80 522.5 454.00 Melbourne 19.03.2017 3 Anthony Tang 58.90 499.0 432.88 Sydney...
  2. A

    Meet Ipswich's own 'Mr Queensland' of bodybuilding

    STAYING STRONG: 18-year-old Declan Wiseman recently won a first place in the Australasian Natural Bodybuilding under 30 Male Fitness Model competition.David Nielsen DEDICATION to a strict diet and exercise plan can prove challenging to the most determined gym member. That's not the case for...
  3. F

    any simple protein pancakes recipes?

    so I'm a pancake eating machine and I've tried a few recipes that tasted awful, any recommendations?
  4. J

    Egg whites

    Who here drinks liquid egg whites? Just back doing this, has long been a staple of mine when training. Today i mixed egg whites with powerade powder, surprisingly good lol
  5. A

    Why hitting the gym is good for your career

    TIME to hit the gym. While the likes of Bill Gates, Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg would likely argue otherwise, a new study set to be published in an upcoming issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology argues that physical strength is often equated with better leadership qualities...
  6. White_Lie

    Calum Von Moger and Steve Cook train shoulders

    I highly rate CVM, excellent face for the bodybuilding world, seems like a genuinely nice guy and always having a laugh. Picked up a few good points from the vid below
  7. A

    Savory Carrot & Zucchini Pancakes

    1 large zucchini 8 medium carrots, peeled 1 bunch green onions 3 cloves garlic 1/2 bunch fresh parsley 1 recipe pancake batter, Grate the zucchini and carrots using the large holes on a box grater. Thinly slice the onions, mince the garlic, and roughly chop parsley. Prepare one recipe of your...

    Cant Cook?

    Then do us a favour and fill out this quick survey. Its written by myself and isnt some shitty grab for information or shitty advertisement. Basically hoping to grab some info to use for a future writing endeavor. Cant Cook. Cheers, much appreciated.
  9. Headley

    Everything 4x4 & Camping

    Anyone go offroad? Anyone go camping? Anyone love seeing whats out there? I am getting into it slowly with me Triton, need to build it up first
  10. A

    What oil do you guys use to cook?

    What type oil do you use to cook, and why?
  11. A

    How do you like your Steak cook?

  12. Goosey

    Ice Cream

    Some say this shit is bad, I reckon it's superb for getting extra cals in, for someone youg bloke wanting to beef up. The high butterfat content is contraindicated for those on a low fat diet, but ice cream does have a number of bonuses. For those who like to rationalize their indulgence...
  13. A

    stuff my wife/husband/partner/gf/bf does that annoys me" Thread

    so our partners do stuff that annoys us , rant about it here .... mine stresses out over the little most insignificant thing, drives me insane more to be added
  14. Goosey


    1. What's your favorite recipe 2. thick or thin base? 3. Do you notice the difference between; A. cooked in a coventional oven B. wood fired C. one of those conveyer type ovens I love pizza as much as I love ice cream.
  15. R

    How to cook meat?

    OK so I'm not that bad at cooking. But I'm planning my first ever trip to everyone's favourite theme park (Super Butcher) and I've realised my view of meat and cooking is quite limited. First things first is I suck at cooking steak. It always ends up being burnt on the outside or tough all...
  16. P

    measure cook or uncook?

    uncook chicken thigh with bone about 300+grams after boil its like 150grams!! ZZZ
  17. Persistenttiger

    Best protein powder to cook with?

    I know whey protein does not work well in baking... so many failed attempts at protein muffins and such things, lol. What's the best protein powder to use for cooking with?
  18. pumpiniron

    How to cook steak restaurant style?

    Hey guys does anyone know how to cook steak so its soft and juicy and easy to chew, just like the ones you eat at a rsl or restaurants. Thanx would really appreciate it
  19. kindred

    Does anyone bring in Frozen veggies to work and cook them in the microwave?

    Does anyone bring in Frozen veggies to work and cook them in the microwave? Ive been thinking of doing this so i can clean my diet up even more. Veggies are good. Any comments. Do the frozen veggies last long before they thaw out? Do you zap them anyway once thawed? Have you or anyone else...
  20. Ben

    How do you cook your steak?

    Post up any tips you've got - bastings, what to do and what not to do etc.