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  1. C

    Home Gym Flooring

    Does anyone have recommendations for home gym flooring? I want something that’s hard wearing and can install myself. I don’t drop weights on it (at least not intentionally). It’s to go on a concrete slab of a domestic house.
  2. D

    Forming a 6 pack/rate my training

    Hi everybody. Just wanted to get some feedback on my training regime. Essentially I'm early thirties had a beer belly but I've done about 6 months of cardio and weights so have stripped it mostly off. I have started working harder on my abs but they only seem to be forming on the upper chest...
  3. Big Mick

    Is Conventional Nutritional Advice Correct??

    Let's discuss if the latest version of conventional nutritional advise is correct?? What are peoples thoughts on this? Keep in mind the following: - The food pyramid has changed several times in recent times - The general population seems to be suffering from more (diet related) health...
  4. D

    Good quality deadlift socks?

    Looking some good quality deadlift socks, any recommendations? :)
  5. Goosey

    Iconic photos

    anyone know who this is?
  6. Shrek

    Lift heavy, lean out

    LIFT HEAVY, LEAN OUT So, you've got your mass-building program, but what happens when you want to cut? You'll have to switch up the program, right? Absolutely wrong! If the heavy lifting is what built the muscle in the first place, that's what's going to keep it there. If anything, strive to...
  7. Shrek


    Nangs???? Fuck me... It's flat-out stupid': Doctors warn of dangerous rise in use of 'nangs' A girl in her 20s struggles to walk. She has nerve damage to her spinal cord and may never recover. What is a 'nang'? A "nang" is the street name given to a small canister of nitrous oxide, or laughing...
  8. spartacus

    never fear rest from weights

    bazza raises the question of how to know when to back off or keep pushing with your training. I have always taken 10-14 days to recover fully from a flat our session where I run or lift t failure. hence, I try hard to balance volume and intensity. no one can really answer this; I think it...
  9. Acme


    Hiii how do you biuld big pecs? The top is ok, just want to develop that flopp
  10. Headley

    Need a new routine

    Hi guys, i now live in a combined martial arts/weights gym, i have access to: - squat/smith machine cage - cable rower - cable cross over - flat and incline benches - leg press - heaps of dumbells - lots of barbells and stacks of weights I want to focus on my arms especially but all over my...
  11. A

    How long were you into lifting when you were able to bench your bodyweight?

    How long were you into lifting when you were able to bench your bodyweight?
  12. S

    Working Calves without weights

    Is it possible to work Calves effectively without weights? I used to wonder if Hill Sprints were a good way to work Calves, wondering if the greater the gradient the more the Soleus is activated. Whereas the flatter the Hill the greater the Gastrocnemius is activated. Bro-science?
  13. K

    MM adjustable benches

    Hey everyone, first poster here. I can't decide between http://www.gymdirect.com.au/shop/strength-equipment/benches/adjustable-benches/black-adjustable-flat-to-incline-bench-rating-certified/ and...
  14. G

    What is proper squat form?

    Hello, I ask this for one reason... internet seems to have a variety of forms which are all classified 'correct'. Most forms I notice are pretty much feet pointing forward (away from you in a straight line) then squat down and up. I then found a powerlifting site that says feet should point...
  15. Headley

    Bench pressin

    Hey guys, I think the most i have ever pressed consistently in the past is 80 kilos :s I think i could maybe 1 rep 100 kilos? How can i improve on that weight?
  16. Fadi

    Squat as a unit

    Everyone here knows by now that I do not like giving advice on how or how not to squat. Unless that line of power/the center of gravity where the bar is in straight line with the mid of your foot is violated, I'd keep my mouth shut. So what's with this squat as a unit thing? We're always...
  17. A

    Use The RPE Scale To Rate How Hard You Should Work Out

    The RPE scale challenges you to gauge how hard you think you’re pushing yourself, based on a numeric scale. The American College of Sports Medicine defines RPE as “feelings of effort, strain, discomfort, and/or fatigue experienced during both aerobic and resistance training“, but uses a scale of...
  18. I

    Boom! Enter Orion X!

    Hello AusBB! With the amazing reception we received last week on our Titan Gym Shoe release, we have even more good news. Enter: Orion X. These are our latest colour ways in the Orion Collection. They are now available to order in Stealth Black and Predator Camo, simply click here to secure...
  19. A

    Vin Diesel addresses body-shaming and his 'dad bod'

    IMAGE: INSTAGRAM BY LINDSEY ROBERTSON16 HOURS AGO The notion that guys don't experience body-shaming has been proven to be totally and completely false. Action star Vin Diesel himself has even been subject to such scrutiny. Photos of a less-than-svelte Diesel recently began circulating, and the...
  20. I

    Introducing The All New TITAN Gym shoe!

    Hey guys, super excited to announce this one. "Titan" has been in the works for 6+ months, and we're happy to share it with you guys. What do you think? They look incredible, and are also highly functional. We've made these available early as we know they will be super popular. Click HERE to...