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Fucked up Kunce
So, you've got your mass-building program, but what happens when you want to cut? You'll have to switch up the program, right? Absolutely wrong! If the heavy lifting is what built the muscle in the first place, that's what's going to keep it there.

If anything, strive to keep getting stronger as you lose weight. The gains won't come as quickly, but maintaining your strength is a surefire way to maintain your muscle. If you buy into all that high-reps-for-cuts nonsense, you'll end up flat, stringy, and weak by the end of your diet.
You're right creatine is muscle sparing in calorie deficit

Yeah thats it. I've heard a lot of people saying they cycle off creatine when they cut, when in actual fact its extremely useful during cutting/dieting etc. During these phases we need the muscles to hold as much nutrients as possible in order to keep them nice and full whilst cutting/dieting etc.
The reason why they cycle off it on a cut is to reduce bloat.

But taking creatine doesn't impact actual fat loss, I understand why people stop taking (i've been one of them) but I believe it's more important to try and hold on to muscle during your calorie deficit than worry about slight water retention
Depends on your goals.
If you want the shredded look then water must go.

for sure but better to cut with creatine and water retention to preserve muscle mass and then remove creatine/sodium/whatever else to drop the water weight to get the shredded look imo
Preventing muscle loss relies more on protein quantity and training. Imo. And not too big a deficit.

No reason you need to lose any muscle unless you feel the most useless desire to dip well down below 10%. An unless you are stepping onto a stage....pointless.

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