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  1. A


    How do places like swolebay stay online? Im obviously a bit naive but how are they not shut down? How safe is it to order from them? as you still have to give your address etc? I just dont get it i guess and a little sceptical about it all
  2. Goosey

    Gut check back to basics

    I'm a big fan of Japanese Pro-Wrestling. I got into it years ago from reading Dave Meltzer's awesome Wrestling Observer Newsletter(I think I started subscribing to WON in 1984 and have been reading it ever since). In Japan Pro-Wrestling is one of their major sports... there's Sumo and there's...
  3. A

    How getting shredded on protein shakes can risk your health

    World's Gym behind Western Sydney's Club Marconi and the after-work rush is building to a crescendo of whirring machines: leg extensions, lat pull downs, calves, abdominals, biceps. Opposite the long mirror, giant murals of the gym-gods look down: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mohammed Ali and ...
  4. A

    What do you wish you'd known about [insert lift here] when you started?

    What were some things that you learned about common lifts over time as you progressed? What do you see other people doing incorrectly most often?
  5. A

    What top 5 lessons have you learned that have helped you lose weight?

    What top 5 lessons have you learned that have helped you lose weight?
  6. spartacus

    Any tips for book on masters training

    Mate and I are writing a book on strength training, hopefully for publication in US via Internet or short book. Just interested in any thoughts from Ausbb forum members with regard to their philosophies, and lessons learned over years. It is a book that will be very easy to read based on...
  7. Fadi

    I Am A Muslim Woman, And Would Like A Moment Of Your Time

    By Nabila Chemaissem on August 28, 2015 Nabila Chemaissem I am a young girl, no more than five, and sitting in the car as my mum parks in front of a grocer in Liverpool. I ask her to please get me a Kinder Surprise, more for the toy inside than the chocolate exterior. My mum nods and smiles...
  8. 0ni

    Random nutrition knowledge I've learned recently

    White fish and eggs seem to be the bodies preferred source of protein Fish oil is stupid, adding more PUFA to a diet high in PUFA is dumb Remove PUFA completely, fish / omega 3 should be your only source Braising beef mince and then washing it under hot water makes it mainly saturated fat, very...
  9. Repacked

    Anabolism - systemic or localised?

    One question which I cannot seem to find an answer to, and it may be that I am not phrasing it correctly is - is anabolism systemic or purely localised? Let me elaborate... One of the main premises that proponents of high frequency training espouse is that recovery and hyper-anabolic activity...
  10. P

    I learned something today............

    I learned something this morning when doing a module of my STAC course. It's such a novel concept...that i feel like it was staring me in the face. It's the type of thing that once you learn it & believe in the concept...that if i were to ignore it, i'd feel like i would be doing myself a...