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  1. E

    Low T levels. Anyone know a good doctor in Sydney

    I’ve had my bloods done and my test levels are 9.8 and I’m only 31. The “normal range” is 9.7-34 but my doctor doesn’t seem to have an issue which mine being at the bottom range of the scale. So I’m wondering if anyone knows a good doctor that I can go and see that will help fix this issue I...
  2. B

    Please help me with my plan, Steroid Holiday, get sperm levels back up attract ladies

    Hello I have a simple plan. Goal: Get sexy shredded body, recover sperm levels, attract sexy young women with my sexy body and make babies. 1) Go to Thailand or other country where steroids are affordable and legal. 2) Shoot up massive amounts of legal steroids. 3) Come home to Australia and...
  3. A

    Blood Tests

    Hi all How many of you do a before and after blood test with cycles? Do you go to your doctors and just be honest about what your doing and ask specifically what you want checked? I want to go get my test levels checked, since turning 35 ive become very lethargic, little energy and trouble...
  4. A

    "In Search of the Perfect Body"

    In Search of the Perfect Body is a new episode of Catalyst, ABC TV’s science series. The episode will explore how some of us seek extreme levels of perfection in our personal appearance. If you're a regular at the gym, a gym owner, or a personal trainer, and you may be aware of a body image...
  5. M

    testosterone levels

    Anybody have a idea what a average level of testosterone in the male body should be ? Have you ever come across a table of average testosterone levels by age ?
  6. U

    Testosterone with deca stacked with mk677

    Just wondering if it would be a good idea to stack these together.

    waiting time for endocrinologist appointment?

    how long have you guys waited to see an endo? i have GP referral and called them today to ask and person said will call me in about 2-3 weeks and that there usually is a waiting time. i have ordered my motor oils for my car but don't want to start until i get blood work done at endo because i...
  8. O

    Any one on TRT ?

    hi all, Was wondering if anyone on this forum is on TET would love to keep this Thread for those on TRT to put their input and suggestions etc ... etc ... I am thinking about TRT going on Test-E 50mg/ml twice a week with 250iu twice a week HCG Cheers
  9. F

    Oestradiol too high + Gyno solutions

    So I did two blood tests recently separated by a month and in both of them my test is okay but my oestradiol is too high (a post processed form of test). I also have lump gyno, so not just fatty tissue but actual small amount of breast tissue. Had that since adolescence before started working...
  10. Vialli


    I am planning on getting my bloods done 4weeks after I finish My Test E cycle what should I get tested for I have read lots of different advice and recommendations.
  11. K

    Low Total Test - Second Opinion

    Hey all, New to forum and haven't taken any steroids in the past. Went to GP to get bloods done for sake of curiosity and came back with a result of 17.1 nmol/L (11.5-32.0). For a 22 y/o male, I argued results were on the low side but the GP assured that levels were healthy as they are in...
  12. S

    Australia - are we doomed?

    1. Debt - the Rudd Government increased Debt to $75 billion. Subsequent and the current Government have increased Debt to $650 billion. 2. Immigration - our Country and it's infrastructure is bursting at the seems. Hospitals, Housing, Water, Roads etc are all struggling to hold the current...
  13. Goosey

    Old style

    http://www.mystrengthbook.com/blog-post/58e268ffc660df746b8654fe What impressed me was his age and the simple style workouts
  14. The Hamburgler

    One for @Spartacus

  15. WoodyAllen

    Googy eggs

    By my calculations, the general populace is about 10 years behind gym nutrition. Maybe were are about back on track now with the myth that eggs are bad for you and destroy your cholesterol levels (in a bad way). Bring on da googy eggs. I have 6 each morning...
  16. N

    PCT Question

    I'll be starting a 4 week cycle of a PH called edit: not sure if name allowed, contains 10MG DMZ & 75mg of a derivative of winstrol. I've been told for PCT that nolvadex only should be fine but to get both clomid and nolvadex if possible (I have a source to get liquid nolva/clomid online from...
  17. A

    The Gentleman’s Guide to Proper Steroid Etiquette at the Gym

    The elephant in the room is you if you’re juicing properly. If not, it doesn’t really matter, because nobody is going to notice you anyways. If you aren’t the biggest guy in the gym, you’re the smallest. If you aren’t the strongest, you’re the weakest. If you aren’t proudly marching towards the...
  18. L

    Google introduces smart contact lens project to measure glucose levels

  19. J

    Endocrinologists in Melbourne????

    Hey guys Mid last year I ran a sus250 (250mg/week) and tren (300mg/week), yeh I know I fucked up. And as a result developed fina dick. Thought it would go away after a few months, it didn't. So instead of seeing a doctor I thought I would run a test e only cycle 200mg/week with a pct of nolva...
  20. E

    Low Test Levels - Possible TRT?

    Hey guys, long time lurker, first time poster today Long story short I've been training for about 3 years now, and my diet and and training are quite on point, I've never had anything against steroids but I just never had to desire to use. However a few days ago I had to get my bloodwork done...