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  1. N

    Enhanced Training Program (REQUEST)

    I'd like to see some training programs for strictly hypertrophy for enhanced guys, preferably 5 days or so days a week. Anyone want to help a new guy out :D?
  2. Repacked


    Anyone got some good ideas for neck exercises without requiring a head strap? Bands?
  3. A

    Biker lifts car left on bike path

  4. A

    Crossfit athletes Colleen Fotsch and Ashley Beaver

  5. S

    Att all Rapists. Where to buy cheap Hoodies?

    Been wearing jerseys for years to the gym, but they getting old. Need to buy some Hoodies. Where do you Bro's and Rapists buy your cheap Hoodies please? Shrek;
  6. A

    Why I love this Forum

    pledge your love for Ausbb (no blood oaths needed)
  7. A


    who has one? what is your review on it ?
  8. StrungOut

    Eric Helms - The Muscle and Strength Training Pyramid series

    Part 1 of "The Muscle and Strength Training Pyramid" series. Good timing for this White_Lie ; . I really do enjoy the information out of Eric Helms and Alan Aragon. Bonus content - Eric's interview with Alan http://www.3dmusclejourney.com/2011-december-qa.php
  9. Shrek

    2015 NRL & AFL tipping comps

    Here is the link to join. Footy tipping, AFL tipping & NRL tipping competitions PW: Ausbb2015
  10. Repacked

    Sweet hooks

    If it hasn't got a sweet hook post it elsewhere...
  11. I

    Womens Climaxx Range Now Available!

    Hey ladies, finally after some delay - our latest innovation has arrived! Click here to view the collection, see below for photos! Mens shorts, rag tops, stringers etc restocked with more on the way!
  12. kaz


    Just joined. So what do i do with it and who do I follow?
  13. O

    Thoughts re a guy at my gym

    My gym is a pretty friendly and social place. Like many people, I generally go there at the same time on the same days and have made a few new friends - both male and female. A couple of the girls and I are now really good friends. There are also a couple of guys that I'm friends with, one in...
  14. A

    how strong is you front squat ?

    how does your front squat strength compare to your back squat ?
  15. A

    flyes:Do you do them?

    flyes:Do you do them? find them usefuol? find them useless?
  16. A

    Nominate your May MOTM

    Nominate your May MOTM Dear Ausbb Members, Please name who you feel should be nominated for Ausbb -australian bodybuilding April, 2014 Member of the Month in this thread. Here is a recap of the rules: 1. A nominee must be...
  17. A

    50 Women Answer ‘What Goes Through Your Head While Giving A Blowjob?

    50 Women Answer ‘What Goes Through Your Head While Giving A Blowjob? These answers are hilarious... 1. PureGabe: “Does he like it?” 2. doctorjwatson: “Wow, my jaw hurts.” 3. springplum: “Why is sex so short but this takes so damn long?” 4. imactuallyagirl: ‘I wish I could breathe...
  18. K

    How to avoid hay fever?

    I get hay fever while working out... I think it should be advisable for gym to put an air filter? what other things you do if you have one?
  19. K


    Hi all, Who here have or is a surfer and have had significant results in terms of beer gut drop? Or significant weight loss? I think this would be an awesome hobby to take up. Comments pls. Devante.
  20. T

    Help - E.D. is creeping back into my life

    Hey girls, I need some advice if anyone can help out. It is so hard for me to eat healthily and exercise without taking it to the extreme which i know is not healthy or beneficial to my progress. I don't want to be sickly thin again, I want to have a healthy body and a happy mind. I may need a...