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  1. Darkoz

    Matt Kroczaleski - just call me Janae

    Now lives as a woman........ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTPP55OfBEc
  2. spartacus

    Matt Middleton 20 reps on 200kg squat (raw no wraps) 96kg bw

    Saw this at today's novice comp in Wodonga https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=738434586237838&set=vb.683705898377374&type=2&theater
  3. S

    Matt Wolfe Transformation

    Matthew Wolfe Lost An Amazing 68 Pounds | Muscle & Strength Read, Admire, DISCUSS.
  4. walt

    Matt Ogus - Natural Bodybuilder

    Probably one of the very few guys who actually inspires me. I follow his youtube channel as well. Hes a natural bodybuilder, and you can read more about him here - Rising Star: Natural Bodybuilder Matthew Ogus Talks With Simplyshredded.com | SimplyShredded.com military presses 100kg... insane...
  5. Rugby88

    Matt Kroczaleski

    Coming off my "who really trains" thread...theres a few names that come into my head...guys that I have watched and looked upto inregards to how they train and how they approach their training mentally....Matt Kroc is one of the 1st dudes that pop into my head when it comes to training...
  6. A

    Steroids and Performance Enhancers

    In the past Ausbb has been against the usage of Steroids and Performance Enhancers and have been strict against the talk about them. I have had some messages asking for a change of heart to bring the discussions out of the private and into the open so that others can get information Ausbb -...
  7. Rugby88

    Max, Blakes and Matt Aussie records

    Hey guys - just saw on the CAPO website they have updated the site - Saw Max's (PTC) lifts were up and Blake and Matts Lifts (PowerSports) were up! Teens: (M.Markopoulos, B. Hanson) Teenage Men Raw Juniors: (M.Middleton) Junior Men Raw Cheers!