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  1. E

    Low T levels. Anyone know a good doctor in Sydney

    I’ve had my bloods done and my test levels are 9.8 and I’m only 31. The “normal range” is 9.7-34 but my doctor doesn’t seem to have an issue which mine being at the bottom range of the scale. So I’m wondering if anyone knows a good doctor that I can go and see that will help fix this issue I...
  2. R

    Test packaging

    Anyone here know how to package Testosterone ampoules safely so they can be shipped to Australia without getting picked up at customs. I got a mate of mine - who’s travelling through Serbia - to grab some for me in Belgrade. I need him to send them over to me but this is where I’m stuck, in...
  3. K

    [Article] Super red arowana fish for sale

    We do supply super red arowana fish,Golden crossback arowana fish,chili red arowana fish,malaysian red arowana fish ,Red tail golden arowana fish and many more .
  4. D


    Hi everyone. Its a pleasure to be a part of Ausbb Australian bodybuilders. I'm new to the body building scene, but I do love it, its a great passion of mine and I was hoping to gather some information on some up and coming comps
  5. A

    How long were you into lifting when you were able to bench your bodyweight?

    How long were you into lifting when you were able to bench your bodyweight?
  6. J

    Egg whites

    Who here drinks liquid egg whites? Just back doing this, has long been a staple of mine when training. Today i mixed egg whites with powerade powder, surprisingly good lol
  7. Reide

    males do not want to enter this thread. Trust me.

    Is it normal to bleed (as if I'm on my period) after intense exercise? It only happens with certain movements (a great example that comes to mine is if I go on a swing set). The doctor said it's normal to happen but I thought something like that would stop after 6 months or so.
  8. H

    Competing in both GPC and PA

    Hello a friend of mine asked me if he could do a GPC competition and then do a PA competition. Usually people go to GPC when they are banned from PA so my friends desire to compete in both was surprising to me. Is there any issue for my friend to compete in GPC and then compete in PA competitions?
  9. Shrek

    First Aid

    I'm sitting through 2 days of First Aid training. Who here has it? If not, why not? Has any one applied it in a real emergency other than a minor cut or similar?
  10. S

    Who owns the selfie stick?

    Who owns the selfie stick? I got one I keep it in my car
  11. J

    Help! Letro legit?

    Has anyone used fempro letro by cipla and can confirm it is legit and pharma grade strength? Trying to reverse some gyno. Thanks :)
  12. S

    Pubic hair on your partner. Yay or Nay?

    Do you like your partner to have pubic hair? What do you prefer.
  13. A


    who has one? what is your review on it ?
  14. Repacked

    Orions - how is everyone's holding up?

    Very happy with the Orions, very comfy etc, how is everyone's holding up? Mine are starting to come apart where the felt overlaps half way down the lace eyelets. They only get worn once a week for the most part so haven't done a huge number of ks...anyone else experiencing this?
  15. A

    Weakpoint Monday : Traps

    How do you train your traps (upper, middle, lower fibers), and with what volume and frequency? What do you do when you realize your traps are lagging behind?
  16. E

    So am I just a pussy?

    As the weights start to get heavier, j find myself tearing my hands up more and more Am I just a soft cock? Will gloves reduce my gainz? Do I need big calluses to pull cross fit chicks? ez
  17. L

    Best Kettlebells (Black)

    Looking to buy non-coloured all black kettlebells. Have my eyes on a couple from ebay at $2.8/kg or the ones on cyberfit for $3/kg. The all black is just personal preference as I don't prefer fancy colours in my home gym
  18. Drifter

    Quest Bar Review(s)

    I'm trialling these as an on the move meal replacement / snack and also a craving satisfier. Only have apple pie so far but have put in an order for a few more flavours. Apple Pie Protein 20g Carbs 24gDietary Fibre 18g Sugars 3g Calories 170 Smell: 10/10. Great! Smells like an apple pie...
  19. White_Lie


    So i'm looking to add some band work to my training, I was going to just get one of the 6 packs from gymdirect. Is this the best option considering i've never used them before and will get a range of sizes, plus works out cheaper than getting 3 or so individual pairs. What colours/resistance do...
  20. P

    Ironedge v Force USA Adjustable Kettlebell

    Anyone have any experience with these products ? Just wondering which one is better Force USA Adjustable Kettlebell - Up to 32kg and 32kg Adjustable Kettlebell - Iron Edge Fitness Equipment - Train Smarter