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  1. H

    anti-ageing Doctors in W.A

    Anyone know of any good anti-aging doctors in W.A.....I have a list of a few that i will post up but anyone with experience with any of these doctors please share
  2. A

    Evolution of Mr. Olympia - gallery of all poses from legendary bodybuilders

  3. WoodyAllen

    204.5kg bench press, no leg drive.

  4. Goosey

    Muscle, smoke and mirrors

    If you're into the history of bodybuilding you'll love this https://www.musclesmokeandmirrors.com/product/muscle-smoke-mirrors-volume-iii-book-1/
  5. A

    If there was a BB bible, what would the 10 commandments be?

    If there was a BB bible, what would the 10 commandments be? Thou shalt not curl in the squat rack.
  6. Drifter

    Home gym mirror

    Does anyone know a good company that install safety mirrors or plastic mirrors on walls of home gyms in Sydney? If I can find a place to do it for a reasonable price that is my preference; if not I could try the DIY with an mirrored acrylic sheet (they cost approx. $250 for a full 2440 x...
  7. P

    List your top Bodybuilders of All time

    frank zane serge nubret dave draper ed corney arnold schhwarznegger reg park
  8. kaz

    deep's 2012 Body Transformation

    Age 31 Weight 54.2kgs Height 4"11 (150cm) BF% ? Waist 70cm Hip 82cm Thigh 54.5 Mostly trained in Crossfit and Compound lifting Lifting Current: Paralell Squat 92.5kg, Deadlift 90kg, Bench 47.5kg Goals: Squat 100kg, Deadlift 100kg, Bench 60kg Physical Goal: Cut back more body fat, build more...
  9. walt

    The Mirror Hypothesis

    Article i found on T-Nation that was interesting. The Mirror Hypothesis by Tim Henriques – 4/01/2011 The Hypothesis Regular training in front of a mirror will eventually lead to impaired physical performance, with specific decreases in reaction time, rate of force development, and...
  10. H

    Mirror me?

    Hey, hope i posted it into the right section. I just set up my gym in my room and im wondering if i should get a mirror. I think it would be good to watch my own form and correct. Also, once i gain a bit of mass, a bit of a motivation driver. Whats your thoughts, personally?
  11. GHOSTrun

    Posing/Flexing in the mirror

    Posing/Flexing in the mirror, how much do you do it? Is it good/bad? Personally, I love it. It keeps me motivated. At home everytime I walk into the bathroom it's *BANG*, fuck, sometimes I walk into the bathroom just to flex lol. At the gym, after I've done arms chest and back etc, I have no...